Supreme Court Clerk Returns Petition for “Insufficiently Thick Cover”

I’ve blogged before about the absurdity of filing with the Supreme Court: the special 6.125″ x 9.25″ bound booklet that must be specially printed, the requirement to send 40 copies of everything, and most especially, the intake process which involves placing all of your documents inside of a garbage bag (no, not metaphorically… literally). Today, I got news that my petition for certiorari filed last month has been rejected by the clerk for having an insufficiently thick cover page, printing a table of contents on the back of the cover, and including a certificate of compliance within the booklet instead of as a separate page. This despite printing the document the exact same way as I did for my last petition, which was accepted without issue in 2012.

It is precisely this kind of nonsense, at the expense of delaying justice, that causes Americans to not only be afraid to participate in the judicial process, but to disrespect it. The documents they received were entirely usable, but now all 40 copies must be re-printed and my case pushed back by several weeks. It’s about time that the Supreme Court discontinue the mentality that it is a privilege to appear before them and accept filings on normal paper like every other court in the country.

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  1. US justice, like European justice and Chinese justice is about process. It is not about reasonable, fair, even handed, protecting the weak, nor is it humane or even necessary. It is of, for and from process, it is produced by process and it dispenses process. Above all, US justice is unjust. It protects the strong, punishes the weak, prosecutes the victim and serves, badly, only the privileged and very wealthy. It is operated by a privileged cadre of deeply pathologised survivors of emotional, physical, educational and social abuse, who are acting out their malcontent on its massive reservoir of ready-made victims. If you cannot accept emotionally, physically, socially and educationally abused, then how do you explain their behaviour? A cosmic accident?

  2. What, you expected them to…what? Kill their cash cow that brings in millions in “civil” administrative fines and penalties each year? Do you think they “have to” or that they’re going to adhere to their CONstitution? If they don’t, to whom are you going to complain about it…oh, yeah… You’re dealing with them now, and they’re complaining about tables of contents and thickness of covers?
    How much “consideration”, after you’ve payed to play, do you think they’re going to give to your “complaint”? It’s the same people who’re just up the street from the DHS/TSA building. You don’t think they don’t live in the same neighborhoods, swim in the same social circles, go to the same functions, as the people you’re petitioning against? I guarantee you Sharon Swindle, Scott Klippel, or the “honorable” Michael Devine has ins and connections, if not with the “justices” directly, at the very least with the aide or administrator a couple offices down the hall.
    I’ve been following you for over a year now, and I’m waiting for you to figure out that the game is utterly and unabashedly rigged, and no amount of warning, or watching you go through the physical process and experiencing it first hand will persuade you. I’ll catch you on the other side of it, I’m sure. Just don’t take as long as Carlin did. And as he said, “It’s a big club, and you’re not in it.”. Good luck with your petition. I’m sure justice will be “served”.

  3. Don’t give up John you do good work and have done a hell of a lot more in informing people who care about rights about the tsa than anyone else I am aware of. This is not only a court battle but a battle for the minds of the majority of American people. If the majority of people are unethical immoral and naive corrupt governments can get away with whatever they want. It takes courage for what you are doing and it is a good example of what a moral and ethical and freedom supporting person can do at the moment. Perhaps sending your info to alternative news websites may gain more support from others who are unaware of you. The court system sometimes tends to take things a little more seriously when more people support a certain issue being presented to them.

  4. LOL, It’s A Typical TSA/DHS ‘Insufficiently Thick Headed Action’ They’re Hoping To Bleed You Dry. It’s Their Way Of Saying Go Away John Or We’ll Make You Pay & Pay Until You Give Up!

  5. The Secure Identity & Biometrics Association teams with SIA to encourage airport biometric entry-exit system:

    According to SIBA CEO Janice Kephart: “SIBA’s members are innovators of solutions that protect and secure identity across private and public platforms. The working group we have formed includes innovators that have worked with DHS for years on identity solutions, and others responsible for deploying huge biometric border systems overseas. These are the people that know how to develop and deploy holistic identity and biometric solutions that meet the demands of the traveling public, national security and privacy. It is pivotal that the Department of Homeland Security properly engage the Airport Entry and Exit Working Group now so the best biometric entry-exit solutions can be deployed as quickly as possible.”

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