Nude Body Scanner Case Headed Back to US Supreme Court

Despite a split vote in the 11th Circuit’s ruling that it is too late to challenge the body scanners, the court denied my petition to have the full court consider the matter. I will be petitioning the U.S. Supreme Court to review this case, and therefore will have 2 petitions pending before the high court (this one in addition to my other case which challenges the limits of checkpoint searches).

I’ve already had one rights group confirm that they will be filing an amicus brief in support of that petition. If you are a member, donor, or employee of a civil rights organization, please share with them your desire that they also file an amicus in the matter. Having a petition supported by well-known groups greatly increases the chances that the court will decide to hear the case.

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  1. Hello Jonathan, glad to see you soldiering on with such determination and spirit. Are your efforts being reported by CNN and Fox? Is the Airline Passengers’ Association following your efforts?There must be hundreds of thousands of Americans who feel some anger at their treatment by the government via its dirty minded agents. What about the local media where you live? Aren’t there a good number of frequent fliers in the neighbourhood?

          1. Isn’t there a case for bulk emailing a large selection of organizations and individuals who might well be interested? What about writing short articles and submitting to editors for publication – many are often desperate -I use the word advisedly – desperate for well written and interesting short articles as their deadline approaches? They like to have stock of articles in reserve.

  2. Another example how the Court systems in the United States are corrupt, no longer defending genuine life, liberty, and property.

  3. Jack Rainbow those are some good ideas. I just had one idea. The next time John you have something published or in the news there are usually comments sections under videos or news articles. We could use the comments section to promote different groups connected with your group or encourage people to donate to your work and also post comments to counter the trolls (some probably government paid psyop agents) and enlighten uninformed people with facts about the tsa.

    1. Jonathan – Send me a readymade short brief of say 250 words and I will cut and paste it on my daily rounds to the UK press and you can use it for bulk email in the US. To continue this fight more successfully you need to develop a large and efficient media presence. Start by gathering the editors’ email addresses for all the local news services in the US and start bulk emailing them with carefully prepared stories.The problem with readers’ comments is that people only proundly read their own masterpieces and nobody is influenced by facts revealed in this way. You need to get stories published in the media. If you can’t do this then your fight is more or less over bar the shouting. If I wrote an outline article for bulk emailing would you add facts and corrections? You should simultaneously bulk all US politicians. Why not develop contacts with libertarian politicians and organisations? Give me 10 facts about what US people have to go through before boarding an aircraft in the US – in the UK it is much less intrusive, nobody fondles your kids’ genitals, nobody actually touches you. It would make a good filler story. Why not ask people to write to you about their experiences at US airports and I will write their replies up into a story for US publication? A barrage of short well-written stories can be a powerful means of informing the US public.

  4. Hello John and anyone interested.

    I like your idea John of contactng other civil rights groups to gain more support for your petition. I agree the court would take as case more seriously when there are other organizations in suppport of a cause.

    I just donated ten dollars to the Electronic Information Privacy Center (EPIC) through paypal. In the message to the seller I left this mesage encouraging them to file an amicus in support of your petition. Anyone feel free to copy and use this message to any civil rights groups you may donate too:

    “Hello. Thank you for your work. I am also a supporter of Mr. Corbett from TSA Out of Our Pants website. Currently he is filing a petition as mentioned in his latest blog: ‘Nude Body Scanner Case Heads Back to Supreme Court’.at tsaoutofourpants.wordpresscom. He is asking other civil rights organizations to file an amicus brief in support of his petition. I would sincerely hope your organization would strongly consider filing an amicus in support of Mr. Corbett. Mr Corbett can be contacted at: Thank you for your time and work.”

  5. B.S. Warning: “American Airport Security is Getting Less Oppressive”

    Private companies at the expense of our civil rights will spy on you & your family while making huge profits!

    “Congress has urged the TSA to develop more partnerships with private companies who can handle airport screenings. In addition to PreCheck, fast screening service is available for returning international travelers at U.S. airports and borders through Global Entry, Sentri, and Nexus. “I’m hopeful that we will have some more people being enrolled through the third-party private sector, which could expand perhaps next year significantly the numbers. Instead of hundreds of thousands it may literally be in the millions — which we would then need to accommodate by increasing even more the number of T.S.A. PreCheck lanes,” said Pistole.

    Third-party partnerships may allow the TSA to expand its fast screening service to more airports while the agency deals with budget cuts, Pistole said. He added that increased efficiencies have allowed the agency to eliminate roughly 5,000 screeners from the TSA’s payroll and return $100 million to the Treasury.”

  6. WTF? TSA Pat-Down Procedures Survive 1st Cir. Scrutiny:

    The 1st Circuit rejected a challenge to airport scanning procedures brought by a woman whose metallic joint implant treats her to a full pat-down with every flight.

    Mary Beth Ruskai has a metallic replacement joint, which makes her unable to pass through the standard metal detector at an airport Transportation Security Administration (TSA) checkpoint without setting off the machine.

    She petitioned for court review of the TSA “order” that subjects her to such scrutiny, but the Boston-based 1st Circuit ruled for the government on Dec. 23.

    “Planes blown out of the sky in Russia and attempted bombings on U.S. airliners in recent years have warned TSA that its screening procedures must be capable of detecting both metallic and nonmetallic weapons,” Judge William Kayatta wrote for a three-judge panel.

    Ruskai’s job requires her to travel frequently, and many airports still use walk-through metal detectors, rather than the advanced-imaging technology (AIT) scanners that can detect weapons on clothed passengers without triggering for metallic implants.

    In these airports, Ruskai cannot fly without undergoing a standard pat-down, which entails a TSA agent touching the underside of her breasts, feeling inside her waistband, and running a hand up the inside of her thigh to her groin area.

    She claims this procedure is “stressful,” “invasive,” and “extremely unpleasant.”

    Kayatta noted that, “while many people may have less sensitivity to the indignities of the search, certainly Ruskai is not unusual in finding it invasive and disturbing, as has been made very clear to TSA at, among other things, congressional hearings.”


  7. Firstly, thanks for your work on fighting the TSA and these lawsuits. I’d like to get in touch with individuals interested in fighting the TSA by having airports replace them with private security screeners. Particularly in Arizona we would like to start a movement to do this at our airports here.

    Mr. Corbett, can you and other interested parties email me at It is time to start demanding that our local communities get rid of the TSA.

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