Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court: Blind, Deaf, Dumb

As you may recall from the very first of the Snowden leaks, every three months for many years, the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court has been authorizing the bulk phone data collection — a list of every phone call you and everyone else in America has ever made, to be kept in a government database — by the NSA. Yesterday, the FISC issued yet another 3 month authorization to do the same.

A federal judge has now opined that this program is illegal. The author of the Patriot Act himself says the program is illegal. The people have made clear that this program is unacceptable and failing to meet any popular definition of “reasonable” (you know, the kind of reasonable the Fourth Amendment requires). But the FISC keeps on giving.

Last Summer, I mailed the FISC hundreds of motions to reverse their order to collect our personal information, on behalf of people who submitted paperwork at MyNSARecords. Each and every one of these motions was ignored. Not even denied with a pleasant letter, but completely ignored.

It’s as if this court is blind, deaf, and dumb. But what should we expect from a secret court that issues secret laws?

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  1. A secret court that decrees secret laws sounds like the workings of a totalitarian government to me. Our government today in no way resembles what I learned about in “Civics” back in school. The system of checks and balances no longer seems to be operating and I find this distressing.

    I doubt any result of merit would come from taking on the FISA court front on.

  2. Another lawsuit filed against the TSA:

    Dr. Mary Beth Ruskai has had enough. Ruskai has filed suit in the First District Court of Appeals in Boston. She is the recipient of metal joint implants, and is challenging the current TSA practice of full body searches when her knee or hip implants alarm.

    Ruskai contends that her breasts, waistband, and inner thighs have nothing to do with her hips and knee setting off the metal detector, and that none of the above has anything to do with her presenting a flight risk. Ruskai travels with copies of her own x-rays, to show her metal implants. She’s also a Pre-Check member. She was wearing shorts when she went through security and when, she says, her pubic area was “searched” by the TSA.

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