Fully Briefed: Can TSA Read Your Documents, Threaten False Arrest, Lie About Checkpoint Video?

In August 2011, a TSA supervisor detained me for an hour, threatened me with forcible search and (false) arrest, read through my documents, and, ultimately, ejected me from the airport… all because I wouldn’t let a TSA screener “touch my junk.” Afterwards, I asked for CCTV video of the incident under FOIA, and was lied to about its existence. I filed suit, and last year, a federal judge dismissed that lawsuit, arguing that all of the above was either legal, or that the TSA manager had immunity from damages.

The issue is now fully briefed before the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit. A three judge panel will now decide whether there is truly no recourse when someone so egregiously violates your rights (assuming we still have those). Although “fully briefed” means that all parties have said their peace in writing, the TSA has taken the unusual step of requesting oral arguments. I assume this means they are unsure of their case, and it’s a good sign.

Corbett v. TSA – Appellant’s Opening Brief

Corbett v. TSA – Appellee’s Brief (Federal Defendants)
Corbett v. TSA – Appellee’s Brief (Broward County)
Corbett v. TSA – Appellee’s Brief (Broward Sheriff’s Office)

Corbett v. TSA – Appellant’s Reply Brief

16 thoughts on “Fully Briefed: Can TSA Read Your Documents, Threaten False Arrest, Lie About Checkpoint Video?

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  1. The panel will exonerate them. They have no choice but to. They can’t kill their cash cow. I had at least seven issues before the appellate court for the 4th cir, and they literally said that the TSA has to be let free to do what they want. Challenges to evidence, jurisdiction, standing, and witnesses are all “irrelevant” apparently.

    Good luck, but I don’t have hope. These gangsters will use their black robed thugs to give themselves permission to do whatever they want. Their constitution is no boundary against their predations. Speaking from experience.

  2. so the obama crew and the tsa clowns allow real terrorist, to bypass the bogus illegal TSA garbage, meanwhile a 95 year old grandma is harassed , molested and degraded by the TSA with obama’s blessing. so, if this brotherhood terrorists are not stopped at all…why not shut down the entire TSA??? these guys literally support, arm, train and help protect terrorists and many have literally pressed the button on terrorist bombs.


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