I’ve been working on this one for a while now. After pawing through several thousand pages of the TSA’s “administrative record” (their alleged rationale behind why they must photograph us naked and literally put their hands in our pants to search us), I filed yesterday a 56 page brief in my case against scope & grope. This is the last remaining challenge to the TSA’s October 2010 decision to invade our bodies and turn already annoying security theatre into blatant sexual assault on the scale of 1.8 million passengers per day. As best I’m aware, all other cases have been tossed, and their filers will not be following up with further appeals.

I’ll be posting as much as I can of the administrative record — some of it is sealed for various reasons — over the course of the coming days, and will be highlighting several revelations of which I don’t think the public is yet aware. I’ll also be working to get the remaining documents unsealed, as one of the sealed records contains an admission that entirely undermines the TSA’s (already weak) justifications for its invasive behavior.

Meanwhile, the US Attorney on my case is furloughed, of course. 😉

Corbett v. DHS – Appellate Brief – Public (.pdf) CENSORED BY U.S. GOVERNMENT [?]
Corbett v. DHS – Appellate Brief – Exhibits (.pdf)
Corbett v. DHS – Appellate Brief – Declaration (.pdf)

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