The TSA has to date published 5,472 comments on its proposed rule allowing it to “legally” (at least as far as the Administrative Procedures Act, still not so much as far as the Constitution) use body scanners, now approaching 3 years after they started. Analyzing a random sample of 100 comments, I posted last month that 97 of them were opposed to the scanners. This would extrapolate to 5,308 comments opposing the scanners and 164 in favor.

Some people took the occasion to really give the TSA a piece of their mind. Here are my top 5:

  • 5. Kiefer from Saskatchewan writes succinctly: “fuck you”
  • 4. Nina from California adds: “These screenings are a gross invasion of privacy, executed by assholes with god complexes and little education. I am disgusted! They don’t improve security and they unduly harass airline passengers. Do away with it!”
  • 3. Bobby, location not given, asks: “TSA. Name one real terrorist threat that has been stopped by your body scanning efforts. You can’t, but even if you could, it would not justify treating all people who fly like criminals. Fuck this rule and fuck the TSA as it now stands.”
  • 2. Robert from Oregon politely notes: “Attention, To whom it may concern within the Federal government. Shove these scanners up your collectivist asses. P.S. Read the ‘Bill of Rights’ you twats.”
  • 1. Fabian from California argues persuasively: “THIS IS A PILE OF SHIT GOVERNMENT AGENCY!! It does nothing to protect us, it’s only a fear mechanism to affect the nations psyche. We are NOT all criminals. These machines and policies are a violation of my 4th Amendment rights to be free from unreasonable searches. It is overly invasive and intrusive and is unneeded considering you are more likely to get struck by lighting two times than die in a terrorist attack. FUCK THIS POLICY AND AGENCY. Dismantle it immediately.”

Again, a huge thank you to everyone who participated. I’m looking forward to seeing what the TSA does. 🙂