The Electronic Privacy Information Center has filed a petition for a writ of mandamus (in layman’s terms, an order asking a government official to do, or stop doing, something) to overturn the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court’s decision to invade the phone records of every American. Accusing the NSA of “acquiring a haystack to go looking for a needle,” EPIC soundly argues that FISA orders for productions have to: 1) relate to, 2) a specific, authorized, 3) foreign investigation, and that the NSA cannot meet any of those three points.

Since the FISA court is not an “inferior” court to the U.S. District Courts or U.S. Courts of Appeals, EPIC filed their petition directly with the U.S. Supreme Court, s it is the only court that directly (by Constitutional decree) has oversight.

Full petition:

In Re: EPIC (.pdf)