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The new video below has been picked up by dozens of sites, but the discussion at Slashdot is worthy of note:


It is extraordinarily heartening to see a bunch of intellignet people almost unanimously agree (approx. 90% of comments) that TSA tactics are 1) abusive, and 2) worthless. Thank you for your support, and please continue to share the message!

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  1. Ignorance abounds in that Forum…

    They still think half-wit terrorists piloted modern-day commercial aircraft at over 400knots air-speed and successfully impacted steel-frame towers with aluminum airframes and free-fall collapsed thousands of tons of structural steel high-rise superstructure. An absolutely absurd case-scenario.

    NO AMOUNT of Jet-A kerosene fuel has the thermal potential to free-fall collapse (10 stories per second) and rapidly reduce steel to it’s covalent molecular structure, which was evidenced by the nano-particle emissions that saturated lower Manhattan. It cannot happen in the known universe. The laws of Physics are immutable.

    The TSA is all smoke-and-mirrorrs for what is coming to the United States of America. The Supreme Court is going to eventually give all federal law enforcement legal immunity, just as the German courts did for the Gestapo in WWII.

  2. And I will continue to not fly while the fear-driven, fear-mongered morons out there who really think this stuff “keeps us safe” dictate how the rest of us must live.

    On the contrary, the long lines at the airports make them easy targets.

    My apologies to the truly mentally challenged out there, many who have hearts of gold. We are at the mercy of the droids out there who have the mental ability to see and evaluate facts but choose to retain their opinions for purely emotional reasons (“they keep us safe!”). Droids are the minions of the truly evil and despicable.

  3. In the past I would make at least 5 trips a year but after I was sexually assulted because I would not go through the scanner, no more for me. I am not a prude but the idea of a fat jerk from TSA feeling me up was the last straw. I have gone to Paris every year for over 20 years but I will give that up before I submit to the jackbooted thugs at TSA again. I didn’t go through the scanner because I have cancer and have alread had more radiation then I need

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