Watch TSA Nude Body Scanners Get Defeated

My latest video, now complete with checkpoint security video showing me wandering past a nude body scanner with undetected objects.

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  1. Shouldn’t the TSA be suspicious of anybody NOT refusing the body scan? After all, the naked body scanner is the hole in the security swiss cheese, anybody wanting to sneak something past security would WANT the naked body scanner.

  2. Great to see the video as formatted – with the ability to watch you go through the whole thing. I do wish more people would opt out; it saddens me that the vast majority of travelers simply comply. I opt out every single time. I think it would be even more effective now with the advent of TSA precheck. It’s a fantastic program for those who qualify, but it ultimately diverts resources and makes lines longer. I’ve breezed through precheck — where there is NEVER a line — and watched the employees sit around and do nothing while huge lines of regular passengers wait their turn through the body scanners.

    1. Pre-check has a major catch to it, and that is that TSA still retains the right to grope and you scan you at will.

  3. Jon if that video along with all the other ways we are violated doesn’t convince the sheeple that the TSA is nothing more than a “smoke & mirror” show I don’t know what will. I don’t have an abundance of time so besides contacting every member of congress on a semi regular basis and regularly contacting my state representatives what else can I do from my state to help you? I support what you are doing 100% and hope you will continue. Funds are on the way 🙂

  4. Per USC Title 28 chapter 5 “NOTES”;
    “:Sections 81–131 of this chapter show the territorial composition of districts and divisions by counties as of January 1, 1945.”

    The above referenced title and chapter delineate specific area’s that congress has exclusive TERRITORIAL jurisdiction over. This can be further elucidated in the Northwest Ordinance of July 13, 1787

    The inclusion of Section 88 District of Columbia within the range “Sections 81- 131 of this chapter” makes the “territorial composition of districts and divisions” necessarily subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the United States of America. Consideration of the two sections that represent Alaska and Hawaii and the section that represents Puerto Rico confirms territorial composition of the districts and divisions to be limited to the territory over which the United States of America has exclusive jurisdiction.

    The United States of America has exclusive jurisdiction over Washington, D.C. the seat of government, so the territorial composition of United States district court in the District of Columbia must be the entirety of Washington County. The rest of the Chapter 5 United States district courts would have districts whose territorial composition would be limited to the territory within the counties of the district subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the United States of America. The DA and the United States Attorney have jurisdiction over the same territory, but it is NOT the entire COUNTY.

    territorial property can be a national park, military installation or federal enclave. Enclaves such as Federal buildings, including correctional facilities, federal court and federal office buildings, penitentiaries, post offices, and buildings such as National Institute of Health; the federal clinical research facility in Bethesda, Maryland, managed by the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services; and NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, Florida.

    From the above we can conclude that the UNITED STATES does NOT have jurisdiction at airports UNLESS the property is owned by or CEDED to the United States.

    Have a nice day!

    1. I agree the sheeple need to WAKE UP. What will you do about the treatment you recieved at the hands of the TSA? I’m sure you are aware that filing a complaint does nothing.

    2. Thank you for the video. I used to work for TSA. It was embarrassing to have to pat-down a PILOT and look through their bags. The entire organization is a joke. I, too, have been to airports in Russian and Ukraine, and you are right. It’s ironic that in these airports, security uses common sense and not fear-mongering by the government.

  5. The Supreme Courts knows the law, and they know they face a decision to either rule against the TSA or give them legal immunity for (spurious*) reasons of national security.

    *Spurious, adjective; 1) false, not authentic, not genuine, illegitimate, lacking validity in essence or origin.

    I forgot I had the above linked knife in the pocket of my leather coat when flying from Phoenix to Houston to visit my girlfriend last year. Made it through and only found it when I was in Houston and reached into my coat pocket looking for something. She ended up mailing it to me since I wasnt sure I’d make it back through a second time. Apparently no one saw it when my coat went through the x-ray.

    1. I used my hunting backpack to travel in 2010. When I arrived at my destination I found several .22 rounds loose in my bag. Made it through security. When arriving back home from my destination, I discovered an entire magazine with .22 rounds in my bag. The loaded magazine had travelled through x-ray and security twice without being noticed. I am glad their process failed, as I might have ended up in jail. But, definitely shows you all these security controls do nothing for our safety.

  7. Very simple. Don’t vote OBAMA! He knows there is a problem and what has his reaction been?? Yes we will not ever vote for you. Go back to Hawaii or Kenya or wherever ur doubius birth certificate says you were born.

    1. Wow, some people will blame just about ANYTHING on Obama. As if all of this was implemented by him. And as if Romney wouldn’t be worse. Dubious birth certificate? What evidence has there ever been to suggest that his birth certificate is phony, apart from some right wing media entertainers suggesting it could be so? Even the leaders of the Republican party have come forward saying that the birthers’ ravings have no basis in reality.

      I’ve had my share of disappointments in the guy, but how stupid do you need to be to believe some of these ridiculous, baldfaced, incontrovertibly-proven-dead-wrong lies about him?

      1. Actually, anyone with knowledge or experience in Photoshop (not insulting, just saying) can easily recognize that the original birth certificate the website posted was fabricated. The image wasn’t flattened. :/ I’m not saying he isn’t American, just that the birth certificate posted was fake.

  8. Obama is not the problem. The scanners first came under Bush. And you think Romney would change course on that? Our only hope is the courts and a big enough change of public perception. All politicians listen to poll numbers 😉 Good luck in your fight. Just wish Congress had the balls to make common sense laws…

    1. Obama is very much the problem: he has been ineffective on the economy, has handed large sums of money to banks and corporations as part of “bailouts”, and, despite his promises, been even worse on civil liberties than Bush. In different words, he failed to deliver the change he promised, and that’s enough reason to seriously consider an alternative, like a moderate Republican.

    2. Obama is not the only problem, but right now, he has the power to instantly stop this TSA nonsense and chooses not to. Quite the opposite, his Department of Justice has been busily arguing in court that I don’t have the right to a trial on the matter. I do place significant blame on his actions and failures to act.

  9. Jon,

    I recently opted out and pressed TSA agents on whether touching my genitals was part of the patdown process. I’ve got the whole ordeal in mp3 format. Shoot me an e-mail if you think it’d be of use to you – rgelhau – AT – g

  10. It’s quite simple to take any knife thru our so-called “airport security” right onto the plane; has been for years.

    Have flown many times since 9-11, forgotten to leave my pocket knife at home, dropped it in my carry on, sent it right thru the x-ray scanner, and gotten on the plane. Even once on an international flight, my dad forgot and brought his. I asked him for it (in front of 2 TSA agents), he handed it to me (they didn’t even look at us), I dropped it in my carry-on, and we both went right thru security. On that flight they were hand-checking every bag… and still didn’t find it. I’ve never met any TSA agent that isn’t completely incompetent.

    They’d make so much money if they’d have the flat rate USPS mailers right there (for $25) for anyone that wanted to mail their stuff back home rather than get it confiscated (or risk getting caught sneaking it thru because of an oversight). Government is so inefficient.

  11. Im a white Muslim revert and I opt out just to make them feel uncomfortable. I told the guy to feel free and ‘meet resistance’ i.e. go all the way to the testes. He asked me why I opted out and I told him ‘Because I can.’ If they’re gonna make me feel uncomfortable then right back at em.

  12. I just can’t trust a website called TSA Out of Our Pants. I have a feeling that I won’t be getting unbiased news here.

  13. Mr C, have you been following this website for any lenght of time, also look up I think you will find they are both credible. Would you trust it more if it was called “Lies And Wastefulness Of The TSA”

  14. I used to fly extensively (before 9-11) and I do not these days. I for one don’t want to walk through an field of radiation because it makes money for someone. I think we need a class action suit against the TSA for violating our privacy. I will not stand for some stranger sticking his hand in my pants. Are his hands clean? If his is wearing gloves, am I allergic to the material? Will it help if I pretend I am gay and seem interested in having my private parts fondled?

    If doing the complete due diligence security wise intelligently lust too expensive, then shut down the airlines. And if Train security becomes too expensive, shut down the passenger trains. And if taxi’s are too expensive (and smell like cigarette smoke), try walking.

  15. When I opted out, they made me sit in a chair while other passengers went through while I waited. It didn’t back up the line at all, and made me feel like my stuff (already on the other side of the scanning machines) was vulnerable to theft, while I sat there for 5 minutes. It was a horrible experience.

    1. Don’t let them order you around like that. Say that you are moving somewhere where you can watch your stuff, then do it.

  16. I\’m Canadian , so I might be out of line, but here goes. Shouldn\’t the words I\’m an American citizen be as safe as it can ever get ? Who are you trying to protect the USA from ? Other Americans ? If thats the case everyone needs to strip down naked , build glass houses , never turn the lights out and evil cannot hide. Till then \” I am an American \” should be all the proof the TSA needs and I should need no more or less in Canada.\” I am Canadian\”
    Travel to another country expect to be scrutinized, but in your own country?

    1. In the beginning there was probably a glimmer of honest rationallization about the need for expanded powers of government to prevent further terrorist activities. But I think after the first major play, (Patriot Act), the powers that be found it all too easy to shred our constitution in the name of national security. So now the choices my grandmother has is to be irradiated, or groped, or not fly.

      Here is what I really think. I guess we lost about three thousand people in the 9/11 false flag operation. That in comparison with an untold number of patriots who previously gave up their lives to uphold the freedoms we cherish here. I think it is terrible disrespectful to all of them to thrash our constitutional rights over this notable but in comparison insignificant number of people.

      Looking at the results of 9/11, the consequences it haas been justification for… I think we need to re-think the logic that justifies a powerful few changing our way of life because they say it will help us keep our way of life.

  17. It isn’t just the US Congress that feels like a brick wall, so does the Australian Parliament. They want to bring MMW with ATD into Australia’s international airports with a no opt out policy. The bill was sent to committee in both houses. The House of Reps committee ignored all submissions and said the bill was fine as is (MPs were convinced when they installed a test scanner at Parliament House for them to try out themselves). The Senate committee listened to its submissions and recommended allowing opt out. The government plans to ignore that recommendation. Hopefully, actually seeing the proof that they don’t work as shown in the video will convince them that they are not needed.

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