TSA Waives Right to Respond to Supreme Court Petition

The government has filed notice with the U.S. Supreme Court that they will not be responding to my petition for certiorari. Essentially saying that they either don’t care or don’t think there’s a chance the court will grant my petition, the court will now decide whether they will hear my case based on my petition alone. There is no timeframe — it could happen on Monday, or it could be a few months.

4 thoughts on “TSA Waives Right to Respond to Supreme Court Petition

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  1. Fedgov always want’s to have it both ways. They’re worthless. But, watch what happens when the DHS-TSA petitions the court for legal immunity. It’s coming…

  2. Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts just threw the Constitution under the bus with his twisted ruling on ObamaCare. While I hope you win your case, this latest development doesn’t bode well. I wish you luck.

  3. Mr. Corbett,
    My name is Daniel Edward Rosen and I am writing a story for Punch! Magazine (www.punch.is) about the current and beleaguered state of the TSA. I would very much like to interview for the piece. When you have the chance (by Wednesday, preferably), could you drop me an email at dedwardrosen at gmail dot com with a good time for me to reach out to you?
    Thanks and I look forward to your reply.


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