Kicked out of RSW! The Double Opt-Out, Part III… Plus New Suit Filed

After filing my new lawsuit against the TSA for kicking me out of FLL airport 6 months ago, I went to RSW airport in hopes of having a nude body scanner-free travel experience to see my little sister get married. I got half way through a pat down before the screener realized that he wouldn’t be able to complete the pat down without “touching my junk.”

RSW used to be a safe airport, but unfortunately, RSW installed nude body scanners about 2 weeks ago. 😦 I was completely unaware (which is unusual ;)), and quite disappointed to turn a corner and see an L3 ATD millimeter wave device.

As per usual, I opted out, and the screener gives me the run down about what he’s going to do using “TSA-speak” (“use the back of my hands…”, “…meet resistance…”, etc.). I asked the TSA screener if that meant he’d be “touching my junk,” and he re-explained using TSA-speak. I then asked again, “Sooo… you’re going to be touching my junk?” and he thinks for a few seconds and, somewhat embarassed, conceeds, “Yeah, basically.” I tell him I won’t consent to touching my genitals, and will have to file a police report if he does.

Naturally, he calls over a supervisor, who gives me the same monologue. I repeat that I consent as long as he won’t be touching my genitals, and she tells me that she can call over a police officer to make sure that doesn’t happen. Mildly impressed that maybe I’d be able to watch my little sister walk down the aisle, I wait and within a couple minutes, a cop labeled “APD” (assuming Airport Police Department?) comes by, asks me if I have anything illegal (do people really say “yes” to that even if they do?), and the screener begins the pat-down by touching my hair. My hair, mind you, is about 2 inches long, but no matter.

He gets down to the waist area and then explains again to me the TSA speak. He demonstrates on his own body by putting his hands backwards at his belt about an inch apart and running them down from belt to thigh. I ask him how he intends to do that without touching my genitals, at which point an STSO stops him and tells me “we’re done” and that I’ll be escorted out.

So, there you have it, if there was any doubt left that TOUCHING YOUR GENITALS IS A MANDATORY PART OF THE TSA PAT DOWN SEARCH.

Working hard to continue the court stuff and more. This abuse has got to go, and now I’ve got to try and find a way to my little sister.

[Edit – One more thing. The STSO literally stole my boarding pass from me. She asked for my ID, which I refused to give her, and then said “fine, I’ll just take your boarding pass.” I never got it back. I may amend my lawsuit to add more Privacy Act claims regarding this, especially since I don’t have to wait for the 6 month FTCA notice period to lapse before I can go after them for that.]


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  1. Molestation is crime. The TSA are c r i m i n a l s and are treating travelers like they were convicts in prison. The U.S. Congress k n o w s and a p p r o v e s. Wake up, America!

    B O Y C O T T – A L L – C O M M E R C I A L – A I R – T R A V E L .

    1. “The Natural Law Remedy to TSA Airline Security Groping” provides the law underlying TSA searches, and some approaches you can take. E.g., it is against state laws to touch children because of harm; children cry at TSA’s hands. The parent as GUARDIAN cannot waive the child’s right to be free of molestation.

      The dilemma of harming children to protect society does not occur in a free society.

      Free download:

      Also see “How to Disobey Unjust Laws”:

  2. Jon – Social Flights (Google it), may be able to hop across country. They are good option for regional flights, say flying 2 or 3 states away.

    I wonder if some of the public might wake up if the TSA was called what it was “Touch The Crotches of People In Wheelchairs” Agency.

  3. Jon,
    Sorry about you having to find another way to the wedding, social flights is a bit expensive but is a good option. The cost is usually the approximate cost of a first class ticket or a little more. I support you 100% and only wish there were more people like you trying to stop the molestation squad at our airports. I have boycotted flying completely. I can’t believe that so many people are STILL allowing these violatations to take place.

    BOYCOTT AIR TRAVEL. All it would take is a few days for people to stop flying, look what happened to SOPA when something as big as Google went dark for one day.

    1. I would suggest the biggest hindrance to this issue is the lack of action on the part of the states and their legislatures. Texas had a chance to change things but their legislature copped-out. The commercial airlines have betrayed their customers. I will not fly if I’m going to be treated like a criminal, regardless of who runs security.

  4. Sir, I applaude your courage. You must have a very supportive family.
    I live Just outside of Sioux Falls, South Dakota and the manager of the airport here just announced two weeks ago; with a big stupid grin, that KFSD was soon to have the new full body scanner installed. Of course this was acompanied by a picture and quote from an ignorant individual form Rapid City, SD saying how easy it made getting through the airport and how it was a great thing to help insure the safety of travelers. I’m still fuming over it and pondering some useful way to address this Facist behavior. Most folks think these kinds of things aren’t issues in flyover country, but believe me, Sioux Falls wants to be Minneapolois and Minneapolis wants to be Chicago and that’s supposed to be progress.
    My own family things I’m being ridiculous in being concerned about flying out to San Francisco, CA this summer to see my soon to be born grandchild. I suppose at my age of 63
    it’s better for me alone to have to undergo this invasion rather than cause my son, his wife and child to have to go through it to come to me.
    Best of luck with your case before the court.
    Ron Mursick

  5. Keep up the great work and thank you for all you do. I just made a donation to help you in the court case. Unfortunately, the supreme court is just as corrupt as the rest of the government as evidenced by the citizens united case. We have to keep fighting though, there is nothing else we can do. I quit flying when the naked body scanners came online, but had to fly recently for a family emergency. I opted out, was treated like a criminal, and told the tsa molester what i thought of her and to keep in mind that “just following orders” is no excuse for criminal behavior. It’s so sad what has become of this once great nation. RIP constitutional republic, sorry Mr. Ben Franklin, we could not keep it.

    1. TSA personnel are oblivious. The Fedgov is corrupt beyond remedy and turning our nation against itself. We will eventually have martial law in the United States. Jefferson and Franklin would be considered terrorists.

  6. Recommend that you ask that TSA give you their instructions in writting. If police are called, make sure they attest to your version of events, in writing.

  7. I don’t understand why they took your boarding pass. I guess they are worried that somehow you will try again and get through a less secure line up. TSA needs to go

    1. TSA took his boarding pass because they’re a government-sponsored criminal organization whose lawyers begin a legal defense as soon as they can. TSA is being routinely prosecuted in the courts these days. TSA is c o r r u p t.

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