Huge Announcement on Tuesday

Guys, I have really exciting news to share with you no later than Tuesday.  I do believe this will be the end of the nude body scanner program.  If you’re not already following/subscribed, now is the time to do so.  Please stay tuned…

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  1. Man, you are dreaming! They spent, are spending, will spend $Billions on that crap!
    NO ONE will remove them! Where do you dream this up? Smoking?

  2. Jon – very intriguing.

    By end of nude scanner, does that include ATR (the gingerbreadman scanners)?

    Even without nude pictures, it is still an illegal inch-by-inch search of our bodies of course and provens odds of zero (in HALF A CENTURY) suicidal airline passengers with working non-metallic bombs on US domestic flights is not reasonable.

    And the false positives continue to inflict distress on passengers.


  3. I have a guess! Is it the long-awaited Public Notice and Comment Period that the TSA was ordered to conduct eight months ago by the DC Circuit Court of Appeals? I’ve got my public comment card right here, and the language isn’t kind.

    1. lol… don’t hold your breath. Besides, I’ve read notice & comment rulemaking where agencies have had 20 comments for and 8,000 against and they went ahead anyway.

      I promise this one isn’t guessable… it’s never been discussed before, ever. 🙂

  4. Now they will take more exposures, to give the two side views, arms raised. That will give them the views they desire.

    Since subjecting citizens to radiation doesn’t cause our elected leadership to even flinch, you can expect the next version of the technology to be 3-D in design, more like a CT. With multi-planar images, these would be more effective for their stated intent. (The TSA could also have great fun with 3-D reconstructs of the lovely bodies they get to see naked…) Oh, and the radiation dose will be going way up, just as a CT is vastly more dose than an XRay.

  5. Cut the hype and just do it. You are not doing yourself any favors by acting like an infotainment commercial pumping us up for your fabulous new episode. Blog readers want info, not “stay tuned for the really, really big show,” okay?

  6. Hi —
    I saw on here that you conducted one of your tests at Cleveland Hopkins Airport. I am one of the reporters at the FOX station in Cleveland. Could you email us at “” ?? We would like to set up an interview today (skype possibly, depending on where you live). Any questions, call our assignment desk at 216.432.4240.

  7. “The Natural Law Remedy to TSA Airline Security Groping” provides the law underlying TSA searches, and some approaches you can take. E.g., it is against state laws to touch children because of harm; children cry at TSA’s hands. The parent as GUARDIAN cannot waive the child’s right to be free of molestation.

    The dilemma of harming children to protect society does not occur in a free society.

    Free download:

    Also see “How to Disobey Unjust Laws”:

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