The TSA says that anything they write down is an “order” and above the jurisdiction of the District Courts.

Unfortunately for them, I think they might have forgot to write in their SOP that their new policy allows for false arrest, forcible searches, retaliatory searches, breaking federal recordkeeping laws, obstruction of justice, etc. — the claims in my new lawsuit from the day they kicked me out of FLL airport. I’m posting this public draft to you guys 2 days before I file it on Friday, so if you have any feedback, let me know! You don’t have to be a lawyer to help make my writing clearer, more powerful, and more likely to hit the TSA hard.

Corbett v. TSA – Public Draft (.pdf)

This suit really throws the book at them, quite carefully and with big thanks to the NYPD for forcing me to do the research on false arrests over the last several months. This 16-page, 21-count complaint charges the TSA along with Broward County for:

– A 4th Amendment violation for false arrest
– A 4th Amendment violation for reading my credit cards (no weapons in there, TSA!)
– A 4th Amendment violation for reading my books (no weapons there either, TSA!)
– A 4th Amendment violation for conducting a search in a retaliatory fashion
– A violation of the Civil Rights Act
– Assault
– False arrest (a state-law charge, in addition to the Constitutional claim)
– Falsely portraying me as a criminal in front of hundreds of passers-by
– Intentional infliction of emotional distress
– Failing to meet federal record data collection and record keeping requirements… 7 times
– Failing to respond to a Freedom of Information Act request
– Failing to truthfully respond to a Freedom of Information Act request (Broward)
– Conspiracy between the TSA and Broward for trying to hide the checkpoint video
– Running a warrant check without reasonable suspicion by non-consensually taking my ID (Broward)

If the TSA wants to stay out of District Court, they’re going to have to train their pizza box employees to abuse only within the limits of the SOP. 😉

This suit is new suit in addition to the petition I will file in the Supreme Court. This suit will not change the scope & grope policies, but it will make them be a little nicer while sexually harassing us and think twice before ordering you around. This suit (mostly) asks for large money damages rather than injunctive relief — and every dollar they pay for this suit is one less dollar they have to pay for a body scanner and one more dollar I have towards fighting scope & grope. 🙂 This suit will be entirely self-funded, and any of you who have or will donate should know that 100% of your donations will be applied to the petition to the Supreme Court to end scope & grope for all of us.

Looking forward to Friday!