Two weeks ago, I jointly sued NYC nightclub Flash Factory for molesting myself and a female friend as a part of their standard security practice, which apparently involves open-hand grabbing of the genitals of male attendees and reaching under the bra to feel the breasts beneath for female attendees.  Their response to our complaint, filed in New York County Supreme Court, is due next week.

I got my first contact from Flash Factory’s attorney today, New York attorney Greg Garber, who asked me to call him.

Greg Garber, Esq., apparently thinks that sex assault victims who file civil complaints should feel ashamed.

After we connected, he told me I “should be ashamed of myself” for filing the lawsuit and that they’d file a reply shortly.  I asked him point-blank if I should be ashamed of complaining of security molesting their patrons and making my friend cry as a result of being shocked and violated by their unprecedentedly invasive security search, and he replied yes.  His only purpose of the call, apparently, was to tell me off.  He also refused to identify the legal name of the security firm.

Greg, 40 years ago called, and they want their victim blaming back.  Here in 2017, no victim of a sexual assault should feel that they are at fault if they report it.  You, sir, are a part of the problem, and it is you, sir, who should be ashamed of himself.