Corbett Sues TSA Over New Policy to Refuse Opt-Outs

Last Friday, the TSA snuck out a document updating the “privacy policy” for the nude body scanners.  On Tuesday, reports started coming in on the change, including right here.  Professional Troublemakers don’t delay, and today, 6 days after the low-key disclosure, I’m happy to announce that I’ve sued the TSA, asking for a preliminary injunction followed by a permanent ban on refusing opt-outs.  But, being Christmas Eve and all, I was sure to make service of the lawsuit festive for the TSA…


Expertly wrapped in holiday cheer, the TSA shall receive on Friday a petition that asks the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit to consider: 1) whether the body scanner program is constitutional when the option to opt-out is removed, and 2) whether the TSA must engage in “notice & comment rulemaking” before making such a change.  You all may remember that in 2013, the TSA “invited” (after being forced to by the Court of Appeals as a result of EPIC’s lawsuit) the public to submit comments regarding the nude body scanner program.  Over 5,500 of us replied, and well over 95% of the comments were in opposition.  The TSA still hasn’t responded to those comments, but yet feels that it can remove the opt-out procedure without again asking the public or considering our feelings regarding the scanners even with the opt-out option.

In short, TSA, I hope you have a Merry Christmas spent thinking about how you’ve been naughty this year — and every year.

Corbett v. TSA IV – Petition (.pdf)

Corbett v. TSA IV – Motion for PI with Exhibits (.pdf)

Fighting the TSA in court is expensive!  Want to contribute to the fight against TSA assholery? PayPal 🙂

37 thoughts on “Corbett Sues TSA Over New Policy to Refuse Opt-Outs

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  1. Wow, you are quick on this one! I had not heard anything about this yet. Good luck taking on the TSA again! Thank you for the updates.

  2. When I heard that I was sick to my stomach! Forced into body scans, what the hell is wrong with people who think it’s okay.

  3. I’m also a frequent flyer and have opted out of body scanners 100% of the time; I’ve never been through one and will not consent due to their health and privacy impacts.
    Donated $10. Thank you for your efforts.

  4. Dear James,

    Thank you for all your work over the years I have appreciated it beyond words.

    I am sorry to have to inform you….but you are wasting your time going to LEGAL school….it’s not LAW school… the legal society calls it LAW which has no standing or jurisdiction over a man or woman.

    The USA is a common law country as Canada is…I suggest you wake up quick to the waste of time and energy in your direction and change to learning the true common law which is man v. man.

    Karl Lentz in the USA is the man you should be studying all of his work and efforts. Just this week he has established his COURT AND CLAIM against the man acting as Governor of Virginia and a woman who is the CEO of a CPS service.

    You are not learning law James… you are learning Legal and it all applies ONLYL to FICTIONS! legal persons…all caps name is a corporation Gov created…that is not you as a man James… you need to wake up to this truth because this is the movement that is going to change our world as common law is being addressed by the people on a massive scale now and the BAR is terrified their shit show is about to be exposed for what it is….FRAUD! It only has worked because they have managed to hid from the world the truth of the most horrific trespass committed against all of man at birth….and we all have the proof.

    This is the link you and every man and woman in this world needs to watch and share around the world…

    Hope you can get your money back from this online course my friend because you will learn you have no power with that nonsense….none it’s one big Ponzi scheme all because our fellow man doesn’t know what has occurred at birth.

    Much love and Respect go get em bud in 2016 because you are not alone as there are others such as myself that have some very big things coming down the pipes in the courts under COMMON LAW….and I believe you are a Canadian so you are going to love this once you understand the true power you hold and you don’t need no stinking legal crap filling your head as IF THAT is law….it’s not and only applies to a private society to which you are in the process of wishing to join. (that is sad)

    All the best!

  5. This should help your argument in court:

    Doesn’t this mean that the courts upheld the opt-out option —>

    “In the opinion [pdf] from the D.C. Circuit Court (the Volokh Conspiracy), Judge Douglas Ginsburg writes that the advance imaging technology is not unreasonable given the security concerns on airplanes, and that people have the option to opt out for a pleasurable patdown.”

    REPEAT: “people have the option to opt out”

    Therefore, the TSA cannot unilaterally decide to stop the option to opt out when the option to opt-out was used as an argument for the constitutionality of the scan, correct?

  6. Post your bitcoin addy for donations. I don’t wanna get targeted for a “random” search next time I travel!

  7. Thank you so much for what you are doing. I will never go through a body scan. Ever. They would have to hold me in it kicking and screaming! I truly believe we will see frequent fliers who go through them getting some kind of skin cancer in the future. The tsa saying they can now force us in them is the height of tyranny in this country. It makes me so sickkkkkkk!!
    I donated a few dollars and when I have more money I will try to give more to you for this cause. -M

  8. TSA Updates Screening Procedure, Will Mandate Some Passengers Use Full-Body Scanners:

    The TSA announced the mandated screening change Wednesday morning, noting that the new system would be “warranted by security considerations in order to safeguard transportation security.”

    Currently, passengers undergoing screening can decline using the body scanners, known as Advanced Imaging Technologies, or AIT, in favor of full-body pat-downs by TSA agents. Under the new mandate, not everyone can opt for the pat-down procedure.

    According to the TSA’s update, the new policy was created to safeguard airline security during heightened terrorism concerns.

    “Given the implementation of Automatic Target Recognition (ATR, the process of identifying the location of an object) and the mitigation of privacy issues associated with the individual image generated by previous versions of the AIT not using ATR, and the need to respond to potential security treats, TSA will nonetheless mandate AIT screening for some passengers as warranted by security considerations.”

    The TSA reiterated on Twitter that the use of body-scanning technology “improves threat detection capabilities for both metallic and nonmetallic threat objects.”

    Click to access privacy-tsa-pia-32-d-ait.pdf

  9. Please keep up this fight. It’s sickening what this country has created in the ‘fight against terrorism’. While at San Diego Int’l airport, I watched everyone being sent through the scanners except ‘first and business’ class travelers. Apparently terrorists only fly coach.

  10. As the diabetic wearer of an insulin pump, I cannot go thru a full body scanner. The manufacturer of my insulin pump says the radiation will fry the innards of the pump, which cost $8,000.

  11. The USA decent into absolute tyranny is very saddening to see. Why are there not more people like Jonathan standing up to this nonsense? I suppose it is because most of us have enough vested in the current system that we won’t stand our ground. But this was one of the lines I decided early on I would not allow to be crossed. Forced irradiation goes along with forced vaccination, forced common core and forced gmo food. The nwo is going to get more battles on their hands than they are going to know how to handle. I will strip down naked in the airport before I go through the irradiation machine. This definitely hinders my “right” to travel. Of course the tsa managers are not stupid. When one of us awake individuals come across their scam their supervisors will allow us to bypass the scan. They want to set all of this up in advance for when they stage their fake “bioattack”. Disgusting people run the nwo now.

  12. Just found out if you are traveling with a baby ( I thought he said child under 12 then only have to go through metal detector. When I asked why no answer was given. I asked if there were health concerns he said it was ok if someone wanted to go through the body scanner with a baby. If metal detectors are a decrease in security then why let anyone go through maybe the TSa has a conscience about not harming children. Wish the rest of the fed has a conscience.

  13. John, I Love what you are doing. I truly wish you the Best, fighting the Tyrannts that they have become. I truly wish more would get Active to fight. I feel most AmCitzns have simply become lazy cowards, who simply don’t care and take their Rights for granted. It’s an absolute disgrace that the People just don’t have the Fight in them to protect their Own Rights & Liberties. I don’t think it needs people who are Law Students or Full Lawyers in order to Fight this Leviathan Gov at all Levels. It simply needs Citzs with the passion like you to get involved and Rise up and Fight Back. So,Thank you for all you’re doing. I’ll be following your status. Sure wish I was capable of doing a part of this Misson. I do try to voice my opinions on various media sources. However being disabled tends to give me limitations,which I’m still trying to beat. I hate that I been giving this label, that’s why I chose to push through these limitations, some I may not, mainly the physical part but, I still try to do what I can. Anyway, Please Keep Up the Fight. It’s Not just for you, it Truly is for All of the Civilized Societies. Blessed Wishes.

  14. I second that Reggie. I watch the sheep at the precheck line one after another go through the body scanner with no hesitation. It’s disgusting!

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