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Supreme Court Petitions

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  1. Just watched the Obama cretin sing Sweet Home Chicago with BB King on YT. The week before last a 90 year old man was aggressively arrested for handing out free food to the homeless. Across America the amendments to the constitution intended to protect people from out of control police, courts, politicians and agents of the state, have been dismantled. America is no longer a democracy. Do you think Obama is fully aware of the consequences of his actions? Is he doing this deliberately, or is he ‘inside the box’ of the presidency to such an extent that as a sole operator all he can do is sign things he’s given to sign by advisers and the anti-human brigade without having time to debate the pros and cons? Does America suffer as we do in the UK, where although increasingly people are waking up, so many of them remain in fugue state that there only very weak retaliation is possible against the destruction of a once great democracy by a small band of evil men? In the UK we are better placed because everything is much smaller and the means for forcing the leadership to take note are that much quicker to transmit. In the US a few no votes in Nebraska or a few rebels in the state government in North Carolina, can easily be ignored completely, whereas in the UK, perimeter dissent cannot be comfortably ignored by Parliament – if everyone wears yellow and purple and shouts a lot, the media reports it and everyone is aware of the issue. We have our first yellow and purple MP and although the next by election, in Rochester, is not due until the 20th, bookies are paying out on yellow and purple voters who bet on a yellow and purple win. There is a line up of other establishment politicians planning to defect to the Purple because their electorate is starting to shout purple slogans at them. In the US there is no alternative party for dissenters to unite with. It has become very clear to us that the Cameron cretin is fully aware of what he is doing and is deliberately dismantling the British nation for handover to a repressive and undemocratic European soviet where there is no habeas corpus and detainees remain locked up indefinitely if the state so wishes, without the chance of a fair hearing even though no evidence has been submitted in support of the charges against them.

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