Transcript of Oral Arguments from Corbett v. TSA on June 4th, 2014

In preparation for a petition for re-hearing en banc on the 11th Circuit’s decision that it’s too late to challenge TSA procedures that are still in effect today, I’ve transcribed the audio from my oral arguments back in June. The full transcript, as well as the audio, are provided below, but a few highlights:

First, a quote that sums up why I’m fighting this case:

Jon: One way invasiveness can be measured is based on how it makes the searched, in this case the public, feel. Do people feel demeaned, dehumanized, and violated when they’re forced to let the TSA manhandle their most intimate areas, and their families’ most intimate areas? I submit to the court that I can prove that they do, if I had an opportunity for fact finding.

Next, a TSA admission that the current, new scanners do create a nude image of your body, it’s just that no one sees them under ordinary circumstances…

Judge Martin (JBM): I understand that. Can the AIT technology work today without the privacy software, the ATR?
Sharon Swingle/DOJ (SS): No one at a checkpoint can see an image other than the automated image.
JBM: That wasn’t exactly my question. My question is, is it today possible to operate the AIT without the ATR software?
SS: The machines have the technological capability of displaying an image, but they cannot do so except in a very limited test mode

But, how often are machines accidentally in “test mode?” How often are the passwords to put a machine in “test mode” shared around? Does the TSA ever use “test mode” on travelers? The point is, if you think that it’s impossible that an image of your nude body can be seen through the newest scanners, as the TSA would like you to think, you’re mistaken.

Enjoy the light reading…

Corbett v. DHS – Oral Arguments Transcript (.pdf)
Corbett v. DHS – Oral Arguments Audio (.mp3, 49 MB)

5 thoughts on “Transcript of Oral Arguments from Corbett v. TSA on June 4th, 2014

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  1. Sharon Swingle is a liar and a thief. Do NOT, under any circumstances, let her equivocate, dodge, misrepresent, hide, suppress, conflate, or otherwise speak, because everything that falls out of her face hole is a lie. From personal experience. She, Klippel, Devine, Kravitt and Sooknanan all have a special place in hell reserved.
    You won’t win here. Your constitution, and your “right” mean nothing to these people. Who prosecutes? The government, who judges? The government. Who executes? The government. Watch, they probably didn’t even publish their ruling. They wouldn’t risk damaging their golden calf

  2. When I worked those AIT With ATR machines (at the TSA), we didn’t have access to anything but the automated images. And when they were running, the image was always shown in the monitor. That doesn’t mean the images weren’t stored for later use, but I never saw that happening.

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