TSA Screener Shot, Killed By Man Who “Wanted To Instill Fear In Their Traitorous Minds”

Last Friday, a man walked into LAX airport on a mission to kill TSA screeners. In the end, 1 screener lost his life, and 3 more were injured before police were able to stop him.

Police reported that documents left by the shooter indicate that his motive was to strike back at an abusive government. Writing an “FU” to DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano, his goal was to “instill fear in their traitorous minds.”

The fact that this man resorted to violence is tragic. But it’s hardly surprising. The TSA has been the poster child for an agency that has spat on the rights of the people: physically strip-searching elderly women, leaving the disabled covered in urine, and using technology to virtually strip search Americans who simply want to get where they are going. They treat the public like cattle, and that a presumably mentally unstable man would eventually snap and decide that violence is the answer is to be expected.

It also highlights a point I’ve made many times before: the TSA, in implementing absurd security theatre that creates massive queues in a gun-free zone, creates the perfect target for a would-be terrorist:

By using procedures that take significantly longer than the prior metal detector search (a few seconds per passenger), the nude body scanners (22 seconds per passenger) and pat-downs (about 3 minutes per passenger) extend the security lines, creating a terrorist’s dream target of hundreds of unarmed travelers plus dozens of unarmed federal officers.

There is no reason for a terrorist to sneak through security when he or she can create just as much mayhem at the checkpoint itself.

The fallen TSA screener is not responsible for the abusive government we have today, regardless of whether you argue that he was supporting the oppression of the people by working for such an agency. The President, his cabinet, and our legislators are to blame, and we can fix that with ballots, not guns.

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  1. I do not believe for one minute this actually happened. It reeks of “False Flag”. BUT, IF… it were true, here are a few thoughts: 1. apparently, he got through the TSA screening- which says TSA doesn’t even do the job they are supposed to do. 2. If the TSA did not violate virtually every right we have, there would be no reason for people to be pissed off about them violating our rights!

    However, just watch the multiple videos out there showing the “shooter” was actually a dummy and the sheriff verbally said himself that they “played out” exactly what they had “rehearsed” only weeks before.

  2. When your organization is totally FUBAR, it is reasonable to expect the occasional FU from the customers. I think it’s real. I live in Can’o’duh and can’t afford to fly anywhere, but reading this blog, Taking Sense Away, Freedom To Travel USA, and occasionally the TSA blog is enough to make me piss blue streaks without getting closer than three hundred miles from the TSA. The US doesn’t need to do this to itself, even if it has some nefarious reason to. It only needs to wait until Paul Ciancia shows up with a gun, and I’m pretty sure that’s what they did.

    If I were actually in his shoes, I’d be attacking the TSA in a much different way… a bit more like that 28 year old national hero named Jon Corbett 🙂

  3. Dear Out of Our Pants, Sir, I would assert that we CANNOT fix this situatin with ballots, as the U.S.Congress has repeatedly betrayed their oath to support and defend the inalienable life, liberty, and property of ‘We, the people’.

    The only remedy is a massive nation-wide boycott of the commercial aviation industry. esgatch

    Date: Mon, 4 Nov 2013 18:47:14 +0000 To: esgatch@hotmail.com

  4. TSA Officers Are ‘Sitting Ducks’ In The Face Of An Attack, Union Says:

    David Borer, general counsel of the American Federation of Government Employees, the union that represents TSA officers, said the officers — who are always unarmed — are too vulnerable.

    “This [shooting] is disturbing because we see physical assaults on our officers on a daily basis,” he said. “Not with guns but everyday pushing, shoving, kicking, spitting, knocking them down. It happens all too frequently. There’s a lot of hatred directed at our officers.”

  5. Arming TSA officers hits resistance on the Hill

    “We feel a larger and more consistent armed presence in screening areas would be a positive step in improving security for both [45,0000 TSA security officers] and the flying public,” said J. David Cox, president of the American Federation of Government Employees. “The development of a new class of TSA officers with law enforcement status would be a logical approach to accomplishing this goal.”

    “Just saying you can arrest somebody, how far is that going to get you?” asked AFGE general counsel David Borer. “The focus needs to be on how do we deliver the right amount of security at the checkpoint.”

    Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-Calif.) agreed, saying conservative organizations had created a “culture of hatred” against TSA.

    “We’ve got to be more careful as leaders in the country in how we’re treating the TSA,” said Swalwell, who serves on the subcommittee that oversees the agency. He added, “When you demonize these folks the way you do, you fire up extremists.”

    1. Conservative organizations had created a “culture of hatred” against TSA? I’m so far from being a conservative and yet I cannot even start to describe how I hate and despise the TSA. How do you explain that Rep. Eric Swalwell?

      1. yeah, we get this bullshit in UK all the time. if you disagree with what the government or its agents are doing, you are a far right extremist. I am actually a conservative but my views have become much more extreme as the assault on liberty and free speech continues almost unchallenged. I think we need to understand that your government and mine are actually far left. How else could your government and its agents accuse people of being ‘conservative’ as if that were to be criticized? The republican party as a whole is conservative, or was until recently.. I suspect that it has moved to multi culti sovietism just like our own conserrvative party has and they now percieve everyone to the right of communist as either ‘conservative’ or ‘extremist’. In actuallity, they are commencing an assualt on all those who dissent and as it gathers momentum, this assault will become more open and blatant, like it is in for example, China. The fact that you might be a socialist rather than a conservative is irrelevant to people who have no copncept of truth, justice, fair or reasonable. they gonna git ya no matter what political colour you are. time to fight. Like you,I cannot express how much I hate and despise the filth of our governments.

    2. When we’re attacked, the solution is to ban all guns. When the government is attacked, the solution is to give them guns for self defense.

      We are slaves.

  6. NO, YOU CANNOT FIX IT BY VOTING. The voting system is flawed and unfair, it favours status quo, not change. And, more importantly, to remove the criminal christian filth of your political elite, you must obtain a LARGE MEDIA PRESENCE. Without media presence you have failed to inform enough people and so they will continue to vote their freedoms away while you whine to your hearts content to people like me, who you don’t need to speak to because we already fully agree with you. Don’t be a dickhead, direct your energies to building media presence and more effectively help save America.

  7. You blogged, “The fallen TSA screener is not responsible for the abusive government we have today”. Au contraire, mon frère; he was a willing participant. As such it seems he received his due.

    1. I certainly have no sympathy with government employees who abuse the public as a routine part of their employment. If they get killed it does actually serve them right. It would be natural justice. I would not do such a thing myself – unless somebody was stripping my family members naked of course. And I would not lift a hand to help the government or the police track down the shooters. The time is very close when we will all have to physically fight to regain our ancient freedoms. In this context, would it be fair to re-examine the criticim levelled at Mr Anders Brevick for executing 70 Obama/Cameron/Barroso clones who would, had they lived,have brought more chaos and extreme suffering to the people of the world because of their fanatical political beliefs?

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