Last Friday, a man walked into LAX airport on a mission to kill TSA screeners. In the end, 1 screener lost his life, and 3 more were injured before police were able to stop him.

Police reported that documents left by the shooter indicate that his motive was to strike back at an abusive government. Writing an “FU” to DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano, his goal was to “instill fear in their traitorous minds.”

The fact that this man resorted to violence is tragic. But it’s hardly surprising. The TSA has been the poster child for an agency that has spat on the rights of the people: physically strip-searching elderly women, leaving the disabled covered in urine, and using technology to virtually strip search Americans who simply want to get where they are going. They treat the public like cattle, and that a presumably mentally unstable man would eventually snap and decide that violence is the answer is to be expected.

It also highlights a point I’ve made many times before: the TSA, in implementing absurd security theatre that creates massive queues in a gun-free zone, creates the perfect target for a would-be terrorist:

By using procedures that take significantly longer than the prior metal detector search (a few seconds per passenger), the nude body scanners (22 seconds per passenger) and pat-downs (about 3 minutes per passenger) extend the security lines, creating a terrorist’s dream target of hundreds of unarmed travelers plus dozens of unarmed federal officers.

There is no reason for a terrorist to sneak through security when he or she can create just as much mayhem at the checkpoint itself.

The fallen TSA screener is not responsible for the abusive government we have today, regardless of whether you argue that he was supporting the oppression of the people by working for such an agency. The President, his cabinet, and our legislators are to blame, and we can fix that with ballots, not guns.