Sen. Dianne Feinstein: Add People to No-Fly List Based on Tips from Family

feinsteinI’m still going through the mounds of administrative record before me, some of which are documents that have been published many times, others of which seem to be brand new, and this one stood out as epicly stupid. It should be no surprise that it was authored by Sen. Dianne Feinsten (D-CA), the nation’s biggest supporter of NSA spying, worst enemy of second amendment rights, and general crazy old lady.

The TSA’s “no-fly list” is a database of individuals who may not board a flight on any U.S. airline or any foreign airline heading to America. If you get stuck on it while overseas, you will literally need to fly to Mexico and walk home to the U.S. A federal court just recently ruled that being on the no-fly list is a deprivation of a constitutional right, which should be common sense but the Department of Justice vehemently argued otherwise.

To get on this list, you get nominated by a government agency (the FBI, for example), and if there is sufficient evidence (in the eyes of a bureaucrat) that you are a threat to aviation security, you are added. Once you are added, without notice, you simply won’t be handed a boarding pass at the airport anymore. The government will never confirm or deny your inclusion on the list, and the appeals process is a nightmare.

In this classic letter from 2009, Sen. Feinstein suggests that the process for getting on the list of people who can never travel by air again is way too difficult, and instead, we should simply accept tips from the public and start putting people on the list right away:

Finally, let me share with you what I have also communicated to the Intelligence Community — that individuals coming to the attention of the U.S. Government through warnings by family members concerned about radicalization should be immediately placed on the selectee or no-fly lists to prevent potential terrorist attacks.

Letter from Sen. Dianne Feinsten to DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano, Dec. 29, 2009

Apparently, Sen. Feinstein yearns to bring back the good old days of McCarthyism. Would you Cali people please take care of this??

6 thoughts on “Sen. Dianne Feinstein: Add People to No-Fly List Based on Tips from Family

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  1. Could she just go away? How does someone of her stupidity level go about day-to-day business and HOW did she ever get the position she has if WE, The People are where she gets her authority? ::sigh::

    1. WE, The People are where the whole government gets its authority, but still the TSA, a government organization, harasses, abuses and molests us every day…

  2. Interesting thinking from my senator… Continuing her line of thoughts – it is also way too difficult to put American citizens behind bars. You need to go through trial, jury, court, it costs a lot of money and is way too complicated. I suggest that if the police receives a complaint about a citizen, they should immediately put him/her in jail for whatever time they see fit. Even better if they keep silent about it and the location of the jail is undisclosed. Just to prevent any obstruction of justice acts from all kind of law-lovers.
    I’m going to write Sen. Feinstein and suggest that to her and see what she thinks.

  3. California is responsible for Feinstein and Pelosi; Arizona is repsonsible for McCain; Utah is responsible for Hatch – Americans have a bad case of head-up-the-ass.

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