Texas Debates Anti-TSA Bill, Asks Me to Testify

Today, the House of Representatives of the State of Texas debates H.B. 80 (information, full text), a bill to amend their official oppression statute to criminalize requiring genital touching (even through clothes), as well as the separation of parent and child, during security searches incident to transportation. The bill was introduced by Rep. David Simpson, who invited me to testify on the matter.

While I wasn’t able to make it in person, as I got less than 24 hours notice of the hearing, I put together 10 pages of written testimony that highlights the current problems with the TSA and the solutions offered by H.B. 80. H.B. 80 is more well-crafted than predecessors in the Texas legislature that two years ago prompted the TSA to threaten to declare Texas a “no-fly zone,” including text limiting the scope and declaring severability of the clauses.

It’s important that we support efforts like this, because even if the federal government thwarts the legal effect, they cannot thwart the attention that such measures bring to its abuse. If you live in Texas, contact your representative and let them know you support H.B. 80. Likewise, if you know someone who lives in Texas, please pass the message along.

Testimony of Jonathan Corbett, Texas House of Representaves, April 10th, 2013 (.pdf)

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  1. I have a lot of disagreements with, well, almost anything that Texans do, but this time I salute them. They know how to fight. I wish California law makers had that courage.

  2. I was drooling over the prospect of TSA declaring Texas a no-fly zone (as if they had that power). Nearly 1/2 of all US air traffic originates in, overflies, or terminates in Texas.

    Go ahead, TSA, make our day! All the lobbyists for all the airlines would be hammering on their Congressmen 😉 to shut you down, and those Congressmen know on which side their bread is buttered.

    1. TSA Airport Screening Lawsuit Nears Court Date To Challenge Intrusive Searches:

      (2011) TSA Threatens To Cancel All Flights Out Of Texas If ‘Groping Bill’ Passed:

      It was only a couple of years ago the TSA threatened states & airports to comply with cavity searches:

  3. This is the first radical good news on this front I have seen so far, Yea Texas!!

    It would be a real shame if a carrying mom was physically manhandled to separate her from her child. Texas usually has different sorts of courts from what I am used to, but in this case, I like it. 🙂

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