Today the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals, in considering my case against the constitutionality of the body scanners, denied my motion to transfer, motion to stay the use of body scanners during the petition, and even denied my motion to file electronically — a routine motion that allows a non-lawyer to use the court’s e-filing system, as 3 other federal courts have for me already.

Their reason? Why, they didn’t say.

The court denied all three motions together in a 1 page order that offers no insight at all into their decision.

Perhaps the court thought it would be obvious as to why they denied a motion implicating fundamental constitutional due process rights that required 74 pages of briefs, plus exhibits, from the government and myself. Or perhaps, as I more suspect, the just don’t give a fuck. Just as the U.S. Supreme Court also didn’t care about whether the nude body scanners ever went to trial.

At some point, it gets frustrating when you’ve followed all the rules and still, now 2.5 years and several hundred pages of legal writing later, your issues aren’t even close to being given a fair hearing. My next step is to ask the judges to explain themselves. Should they fail to work out a solution, they will essentially hear my case solely on the evidence as presented by the government — an utter miscarriage of justice.

Corbett v. DHS – Summary Denial of Motions (.pdf)