The TSA recently decided to relax its rules regarding small (6 cm or smaller) pocket knives, allowing them to be taken past security and into the airplane cabin. After this fleeting moment of common sense from the TSA (as post-9/11, no terrorist would even think of taking on a cabin full of Americans armed only with 2″ knives), Delta CEO Richard Anderson begged TSA Administrator John Pistole to reconsider, in a love letter addressing both parties by first name and gushing that Delta “will always be good partners with the TSA.”

It is truly unclear to me why those in the industry feel the need to ass-kiss with the TSA at all times. They can’t possibly think that the TSA is an effective, well-run organization. Do they fear retribution if they speak out? Or is it simply that they enjoy having a third party take the responsibility (and blame) for aviation security?

Delta, unfortunately, is not the only people who oppose the policy change. Useful idiots on both sides in Congress, such as Chuck Schumer on the left and John McCain on the right, flight attendants and pilots, and Jon “The Skies Are Falling” Adler of the Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association, who cries, with trembling voice and while holding his mommy’s hand, that “if [the new policy] isn’t changed, say a prayer, rub a rabbit’s foot, and get ready to fly the deadly American skies.”

Most of the opposition talks about generic “safety” in the skies, avoiding the unjustifiable proposition that a pocket knife would make the difference between success and failure of a terrorist attack. But, what does this mean? Safety of flight attendants? That of other passengers? If so, then we might as well ban knives on buses, in McDonald’s, and everywhere else, since the people there are just as deserving of safety via governmnet-imposed weapons searches as FAs and airline passengers. The “anything to keep us safer” crowd strikes again, this time taking things even farther than the TSA (perhaps because knife detection doesn’t give the TSA an excuse to buy shiny new toys like nude body scanners).

You may have never expected to read this on this blog, but TSA Out of Our Pants fully supports this change in TSA policy.