TSA Smashes Priceless Antique Cello Bow

Apparently they couldn’t get the thing to fit back in the box right when they opened to inspect, so they just tried to squeeze the lid shut. As a musician, this makes me wince. Original Story.

14 thoughts on “TSA Smashes Priceless Antique Cello Bow

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  1. NEVER t r u s t the TSA with anything.
    They irradiate it, they molest it, they steal it, or they break it.
    (for our s a f e t y, of course)

  2. You should have just said “expensive” bow, or “priceless” bow. By saying $1M, you make yourself less credible. You can’t afford to do that. Your critics will jump all over anything which might make you look bad. You have to be better than they are. You have to be trustworthy.

    Please don’t do it ever again.

      1. Well, there’s Bob, but he obviously isn’t smart enough to pick up Anonymous Coward’s point on his own. Would it be “expensive, priceless, you know… things that go BOOM!”?

        Just briefly, how do you find all this stuff? You cover the TSA better than their own blog. Napolitano is probably subscribed to your blog because it’s more reliable than the reports she’s getting!

  3. Man sentenced to life without air travel:

    Years ago, Saadiq Long — an American citizen born in Oklahoma — served in our Air Force with distinction. For a time, he even provided technical support to military aircraft destined for combat. Who could have guessed that such a man would be deemed too dangerous to board commercial aircraft?

    But that is what the FBI has done to Saadiq. Earlier this month, the FBI prevented him from boarding his flight from Oklahoma to Qatar where he lives with his wife and daughter. Last year, the FBI twice prevented Saadiq from flying to Oklahoma from Qatar to visit his gravely ill mother.

    What’s most alarming about Saadiq’s ordeal is that the FBI will never have to explain its actions. When it comes to separating Saadiq — and many others — from family via its ever-growing and always secret watch lists, the FBI is judge, jury and executioner. Saadiq hasn’t been indicted, charged or convicted of any crime. And yet the FBI has claimed for itself the power to impose permanent punishment upon Saadiq: life without air travel.

    If FBI agents can impose this sentence on Saadiq, they can do the same to any of us. For Saadiq’s sake and our own, let’s demand that the FBI cease preventing Saadiq from traveling to his family.

    1. Joe, note where that information is coming from: CAIR. That makes me think there is something behind the government’s decision.

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