Petition for Cert At the Printers, OPEN CALL FOR AMICI CURIAE!

The final version of my petition is at the printers:

Corbett v. US – Petition for Certiorari – Final (.pdf)

If you’ve read the draft, there’s not much changed.

In the Supreme Court, a lot of weight is given to “amicus” briefs. These are briefs written by non-parties to the action to support a position. If anyone has connections to any kind of civil rights organizations that may be interested in writing on my behalf, please put them in contact with me: jon [at] If you need a brief “sales pitch:” My petition for cert to the US Supreme Court is on the issue of whether a citizen is entitled to a full trial when challenging the constitutionality of government actions. My case against TSA body scanners and groping was dismissed, and dismissal affirmed, on a law that exempts TSA “orders” from district court review.

Petition gets filed on Tuesday!

11 thoughts on “Petition for Cert At the Printers, OPEN CALL FOR AMICI CURIAE!

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      1. That’s too bad. I had what I thought was a strong civil rights complaint against TSA and they (ACLU) never responded to my contacts. TSA did respond – dripping with implied insults.

    1. the aclu is not a civil rights organization, they pick and choose causes based on a left wing agenda not blindly on protecting basic freedoms! they are in tight with obama and he has amped up the TSA goon squads ! if bush was still president the aclu might help if they thought it would help their poltical agenda! very sad but very true!

  1. Please contact Wade Mollinson at (Demand Progress). He has been fighting in the House and the Senate to stop the NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act) – the indefinite detention of U.S. citizens, and also CISPA, PIPA, SOPA. All bad four letter and five letter acronyms IMO. If anybody can help you to get petetions and support he can.

  2. What is the deadline for amicus briefs? Has it passed? I was going to suggest EPIC as well (was going to drop them an email, but wasn’t sure if it was too late…)

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