The final version of my petition is at the printers:

Corbett v. US – Petition for Certiorari – Final (.pdf)

If you’ve read the draft, there’s not much changed.

In the Supreme Court, a lot of weight is given to “amicus” briefs. These are briefs written by non-parties to the action to support a position. If anyone has connections to any kind of civil rights organizations that may be interested in writing on my behalf, please put them in contact with me: jon [at] If you need a brief “sales pitch:” My petition for cert to the US Supreme Court is on the issue of whether a citizen is entitled to a full trial when challenging the constitutionality of government actions. My case against TSA body scanners and groping was dismissed, and dismissal affirmed, on a law that exempts TSA “orders” from district court review.

Petition gets filed on Tuesday!