Petition for Certiorari Draft Completed — Thoughts?

After much research, writing, and compliance with some pretty crazy Supreme Court rules (for example, most documents have to be submitted on 6.125″ x 9.25″ paper), I’ve completed my petition for certiorari, pending any suggestions from YOU:

Corbett v. US – Petition for Certiorari – Public Draft (.pdf)

If you’d like to provide your feedback, please do so by the end of tomorrow before it goes off to the printers. You don’t need legal experience — the document’s sole purpose is to convince the court that my case is important enough for it to hear, rather than to persuade the court to find in my favor. Filing happens Tuesday. 🙂

9 thoughts on “Petition for Certiorari Draft Completed — Thoughts?

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  1. What gigantic hoops you must jump through for a matter that the Supremes should have advised on BEFORE it was implemented. We have traveled down a very rocky road. When our nation was young, it was quite common for the Justices to advise lawmakers–not make final rulings–but to advise them on areas that were pushing the envelope on constitutionality. Unfortunately, congress, and God forbid, the government bees at the agencies, don’t give a hoot about constitutionality and the Supremes have evolved to the nine that just sit back and wait until a case is presented. (case in point–how much $ and trouble may have been saved if the Supremes had advised on the health care law before it was voted on. Now billions have already been spent and they may shoot the whole thing down).
    I am rooting for you. God Bless.

  2. Great job on the petition! I would love to sign a petition on your behalf if it would help get this into the courts. Any ideas on how to do that?

    1. And miss out on my chance to be the first pro se litigant to argue in front of the Supreme Court in probably a really long time? Not a chance. 😉 But, groups like EPIC, EFF, ACLU, etc., can assist by filing amicus briefs.

  3. Jon, just downloaded the file, can’t wait to read it. Can you list some of the crazy hoops the supreme court makes you jump through? Seems the road to justice should be as streamlined as possible, no?

    1. It should. 😉

      – Booklet format documents: 6.125″ x 9.25″
      – Copies of orders from lower courts retyped to fit that size
      – 40 copies are required of the petition
      – No electronic filing, even if you’re an attorney admitted to the court
      – They dictate the exact font you must use (Century 12pt)
      – They dictate the weight of the paper you must use (60lbs., except the cover must be heavier)
      – They apparently measure the margins and space between lines and will reject filings that they don’t like

      …etc. etc. etc. If you’re interested in more, they put out a guide:

      Click to access guidetofilingpaidcases2009.pdf


  4. Jon, Thank you for your tenacity. No matter what they send your way you keep right on going. Kudos to you.

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