Jonathan Corbett to Present Nude Body Scanner Failures to Congress, File US Supreme Court Petition, on May 22nd

I’m excited to announce that I will be presenting my findings as seen in my How To Get Anything Through TSA Nude Body Scanners viral YouTube video to Congress on May 22nd, 2012, in conjunction with Freedom to Travel USA, a traveler’s rights advocacy group. Additionally, I will be filing my petition to the US Supreme Court on the same day, asking the court to review whether we have the right to a full trial in US District Court when we as private citizens challenge the constitutionality of government action.

Please help us by calling and e-mailing your representatives (please do both — e-mails are easily ignored!) and asking them to send staffers or come in person to our presentation. The event will be held in the Cannon House Office Building, Room 402, at 10:00 AM. FTTUSA has created a formal invite, and members of the general public may also attend, space permitting (RSVP at the e-mail on the invite).

We’re getting somewhere, guys!


46 thoughts on “Jonathan Corbett to Present Nude Body Scanner Failures to Congress, File US Supreme Court Petition, on May 22nd

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  1. please bring up the fact that tsa will not let anyone independent check radiation levels in the x ray body scanners or admit virtually nobody around them as any knowledge about how to use them or safety protocols, they say it is safe, trust us! yet the fda must approve drugs before they go on the market, the xray machines should be moth balled because the apologies 5 years down the road for causing cancer while playing security theater will not do much good for the victims!

    anyway, that is just my two cents, you are the man!

    p.s. are you flying or driving to d.c.? are you not worried you could be singled out for tsa harassment if they know who you are and that you are flying to testify about the tsa?

    1. I would love to take on the health issue, but I simply don’t have the expertise and can’t take on another area of research. Like you, I do hope this issue is litigated, but I can’t be the one to do it.

      My travel plans are SSI. 😉

  2. Jon, tonight I sent the invitation flyer by US mail to my Congressional rep, Rob Bishop, district 1 of Utah. I do hope you and the FTTUSAers get a great turnout!

  3. Applause Jon! Bravo!
    You are making a difference. Invitations were mailed to my Congressional Rep. as well as the Senators from my state. Great job.

  4. I noticed while being pat down today at SFO: there was a slightly overweight woman who had went through the body scanner, but was being given a mini pat down afterwards anyway! In fact, they even had a floor mat with the two footprints (showing you to stand with your legs apart – the same one they have at many pat down areas) on the runway outside the body scanner.

    Was she being patted down randomly because they know the machines are ineffective, as you have yourself proven? Were you aware of this? I was shocked.


    1. This is very common. Well over 50% of those coming through the scanners get “touched”, usually on the upper arm. In addition, I’ve seen male screeners doing this to female passengers and female screeners checking males in this manner. It is usually just an arm rub, but so much for the same gender policy.

      1. Thanks for the info. It appeared to me that she was getting a much more thorough putdown than just getting touched on the arm, but I was distracted putting my stuff back together after my own pat-down that I was not watching attentively. It did appear to be a female officer giving her the extra putdown.

        Any idea what this extra putdown is for?

        1. False positives in the MMW scanners. These were bad before ATR and apparently the software has not improved any over the naked peep booth version.

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