Since I was illegally detained by the TSA at FLL, I have repeatedly told Broward County that I have no interest in suing them, but they have repeatedly, and despite good-faith efforts to work with them, shown that they are not interested in assisting passengers facing TSA abuse. In March, I filed suit against them for unlawfully performing a warrant check on me for the TSA, as well as lying to me about the existence of security cameras (not to be confused with my original lawsuit against the body scanners, a suit which seeks no monetary damages and is headed to the US Supreme Court).

Today, after Broward’s motion to dismiss was denied by the Court, I offered to discuss settlement options with the County, indicating that I would accept an agreement from them to protect passengers from TSA abuse (that is, to not assist the TSA in harassing a passenger without evidence that the passenger is committing a crime, and to agree to release security footage promptly when requested) instead of a large monetary settlement or judgment. The County has responded by telling me that they will not even engage in discussions regarding settlement.

As a traveler, this upsets me. But if I were a Broward County taxpayer, I would be furious. My lawsuit seeks $1.5 million in damages against the County, and if the County has an opportunity to avoid a judgment of even a fraction of that amount in exchange for an agreement to protect its citizens from abuse, it absolutely should do so. It is clear that Broward has taken a side, and it’s not the passengers. I urge any Broward residents to contact the county commissioners about this, and I urge all others to avoid flying to FLL airport until this issue is resolved and the County agrees to respect your rights.