Opposition to Motion to Dismiss Filed

In my new lawsuit regarding being kicked out of FLL airport and then lied to about the existence of security camera footage, Broward County responded in record time with a poorly grounded motion to dismiss. I filed my reply today (below).

Keep on the lookout for my new video! I’m thinking Monday or Tuesday. 🙂

Corbett v. TSA – Motion to Dismiss Opposition (.pdf)

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  1. I haven’t read your motion yet, but I knowTSA always wants immunity, and if they can’t get it they may claim a secret jurisdiction. Broward County may use that as their excuse to justify violating your rights, because you purchased a commercial airline ticket, which may be considered a waiver of all rights to privacy. TSA is a virtual criminal organization. Broward County knows it.

  2. first off you are a hero!
    but the broward county commision is not a fan of the radio active naked scanners (and they are elected folks) maybe you could contact them and see if they could help you get the videos!
    are they beholden to the BSO now that you sued the sheriffs office(I do not know) it is worth a try contacting the commisoners!
    see article below

  3. Jonathan,

    I think that your legal struggle is very worthwhile. May I suggest that you get in touch with a lawyer, or if $ is an issue (and it usually is) a law school with a student clinic that represents people at no charge, to help you? There are legal issues that may come up that you will need to get into the action -now- rather than later, and they can help you quite a lot.

    – DJB

  4. Jon: FYI- I think we need to be asking some hard questions. Where are the certificate of training for the machines? What was in the training? My brother went through a two year training program before he could run any machine that dealt with radiation. Who prepared and certified the training was sufficient to keep the public safe? How often are the machines calibrated and do they have a self reporting feature (safe guard to turn off when out of calibration?) Why isn’t the scheduled testing posted, he type of tests being run, and the results of each test? This may only serve to validate we should have the machines and the bottom line is: Get rid of em.

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