New Video Coming Soon ;)

I’ve been working on producing a new video, which will be on the same level of epicness as the last one in exposing the TSA — and especially the nude body scanner program — as the giant fraud that it is. I’m pleased to announce that my new video will be released early next week.

No hints, but I promise you’ll like it. 🙂 Unless, of course, you’re a TSA supporter, in which case… well, apologies in advance.

9 thoughts on “New Video Coming Soon ;)

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  1. There must be one independent media outlet somewhere that would (risk there FCC license and) broadcast your exposure of the TSA. Maybe a PBS station somewhere would do it as a protest against the Fedgov withholding it’s support.


    it is time that TSA employees be banned from having liquids ,just like the passengers! the only person to use liquid as an actual weapon is of course a tsa agent! so either they drop the no liquid silly stuff for travlers or to keep everyone safe from assault by hot cofee, please enforce a TSA employee liquid ban. they could set open another government burrecracy called TSA+
    and they would screen regular TSA agents in x ray naked body scanners, pat downs, checking their shoes etc and check them for stolen goods, contraband ,liquids, drugs …..
    the behavorial specialists could I guess check the TSA folks for attitude disorders!?!?!?

  3. please be careful… when Breitbart tipped his hand he mysteriously died. Thanks for all you do.

  4. Dear Sir,
    I found out about you from Alex Jones and the Infowars website.

    In short–I’m a fan!

    If I can offer a suggestion / advice: Please release the video you are making sooner, like now sooner, than later, since those Nazis in power would love to silence a patriot like you


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