After the release of my video, two important issues came up:

  1. People (including myself) want to see a whole video of me walking through the checkpoints, and
  2. People (especially myself!) want to see the threatening e-mails that TSA Spokeswoman Sari Koshetz sent to journalists

The solution: Freedom of Information Act requests for both the security cameras that caught (or should have caught) me going through the TSA’s nude body scanners with an undetected metal object, as well as for the nice e-mails that Sari has been sending around, all of which are public records.

My requests are attached below, and I will of course keep you updated on their progress. The TSA has a pattern of ignoring or conspiring to hide documents that relate to my FOIA requests, but I’m not particularly worried about having to take the TSA to court if that happens again. 🙂

Scanner Video FOIA TSA (.pdf)
Scanner Video FOIA FLL (.pdf)
Scanner Video FOIA CLE (.pdf)