I Hope You Guys Are Ready :)

I just sent the TSA their advance copy of my blog post so that they can act on it to “keep us safe” (I hear that’s their job ;)). The big post will go up in 2 hours! Nervous & excited! 🙂

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  1. The assumption is that TSA is a legitimate and responsible agency.
    THEY’RE N O T . . . (but, you knew that)

  2. Suggestion for anyone who can pull this off…

    I work in radiology. Every employee that works with xray must wear a film badge. These film badges are collected by radiation companies who record the xray exposure for each person.

    1) actively pursue an x-ray/radiation physicist that can assist you in lending a film badge and getting it read. Its not that hard to find these guys. They are in the book. They usually work solo and contract themselves out to hospitals. You can tell them you are doing student research :). These film badges are small and in plastic clips. Can be hidden easily when going through a scanner

    2) try using camera film in that side pocket and see what damage it does when going through the scanner.

    Yes, more research on either above method must be done. Having a physicist would be helpful. But since the tsa refuses to monitor radiation exposure of their own employees, as well as give accurate testing to determine radiation per traveler, it seems either method above would yield positive radiation findings.

  3. Im wondering, since you are a frequent flyer, will you be using tsa precheck? For $100 you will be able to carry almost anything you want through a checkpoint. With the quality of officers that tsa hires, there will be many prohibitted items coming through. One thought, for $100 just what kind of background check is being done.? Your thoughts.

  4. Hi —
    I saw on here that you conducted one of your tests at Cleveland Hopkins Airport. I am one of the reporters at the FOX station in Cleveland. Could you email us at “tips@fox8.com” ?? We would like to set up an interview today (skype possibly, depending on where you live). Any questions, call our assignment desk at 216.432.4240.

  5. I don’t think you need a rad badge. I believe these are rather large STS(Single Turn Selenoid) devices that use YOUR body microwaves to take the images. It is old(mature)
    tech that has been around in handhelds since the early 90’s. Some non-permissive
    environments use them as security cameras.

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