Three People Arrested, Strip Searched for Looking Middle Eastern


If we do not ALL stand up against this NOW, it won’t just be “middle eastern-looking people” that get this treatment. It’s going to happen to all of us. Please don’t give your freedom willingly, and take proactive steps to retain it. Demand from your elected officials that this stop.

Along those lines, I try to keep this issue apolitical because it doesn’t matter who or what party is promulgating this invasion — it’s wrong and needs to be stopped either way — but the fact of the matter is that the president is in control of these out of control agencies. The TSA, the rest of DHS, and apparently even the FBI are now all activitely participating in the infringement of our rights, and let there be no mistake that it is happening on Obama’s watch (and yes, regardless of whether the wheels were set in motion by the previous administration, they were accelerated rather than shut down by the current). We need to hold accountable politicans that either actively or passively support or allow these tactics to continue, and it’s time that we start asking for change from the top.


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  1. I have contacted elected officials including Obama more times than I can count. I’ve contacted the airline companies, the ACLU, every member of congress on an ongoing basis. I’ve signed every petition available and spoken out as loudly as possible about the violations of the TSA until I’m sick of listening to myself. I no longer fly because of the TSA. I know the power of the TSA is expanding everywhere to most agencies with any authority to control our actions. I’m one voice and don’t know what else to do. Most people can’t be bothered, don’t have time or don’t think it’s a big deal. There is no way to make these people see what is happening to our rights. I shutter to think what the next generation will be forced to submit to.

  2. Reggie, thank you for all your efforts. I am in deepest shock and grief over the massive police state that is bearing down on us all. I encourage you to keep up your campaign of
    contacts as much as possible, maybe demanding to know the politicians’ exact stance on
    TSA screening procedures, what they intend to do about this trashing of civil liberties, so
    that you can communicate back to your friends, family, and co-workers. Keep the faith. I
    appreciate your standing up for what we thought were our constitutionally guaranteed freedoms.

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