I went through much of the audio today that I recorded at the FLL checkpoint which refused me access to my gate a couple weeks ago.  The quality of the audio makes my musically-trained ears cringe, but it’s sufficient to make out most of what was send by Transportation Security Manager Alejandro Chamizo:

(0:00) TSM: Hey, good morning.
(0:01) Jon: How you doin’?
(0:02) TSM: Good, Alex, nice to meet you.
(0:02) Jon: Jon.
(0:03) TSM: Jon, pleasure to meet you.  I understand that you opted-out of the AIT?
(0:07) Jon: Yes.
(0:08) TSM: Now, we have to clear you.  So, the only option is, now that you did opt-out, is you have to be patted-down.  I understand that you have refused that also.
(0:17) Jon: I told them they could pat me down so long as they don’t touch my genitals or buttocks.
(0:21) TSM: Well, they do have to.  That’s how it goes.
(0:24) Jon: (inaudible – repeating that he will not consent to touching his genitals or buttocks)
(0:32) TSM: That’s a concern for us, as security, and we want to know why now.
(0:38) Jon: (inaudible – explaining that he feels that a search that touches his genitals or buttocks is a violation of his rights)
(0:52) TSM: Well we can either do it here or at the BSO’s (Broward Sheriff’s Office) office.
(0:56) Jon: (inaudible – explaining that he should simply be allowed to leave if the TSA will not clear him for admittance to the sterile area)
(0:59) TSM: I cannot let you leave the checkpoint without being cleared.

Audio Clip (1:03, .mp3)

This, my friends, is an attempt at forcible search via intimidation, as well as false arrest, as it was made 100% clear that I am not free to go at this point.  And let there be no doubt who did it — this guy (0:05, .mp3).

I sent in my FOIA request for the video (along with FTCA claim) almost a week and a half ago. When it comes, I’ll synchronize the audio I recorded with the video they provide and put it on YouTube for you all. 🙂


Update: A reader claiming to be a TSA employee claims that he has reviewed the list of TSMs at FLL, and that Mr. Chamizo is not on it. For clarity, I was told by a uniformed TSA screener that the man was a TSM, and his clothing and demeanor seemed congruent with that. I will continue to update when I receive new information.

Update 2: Broward County has confirmed for me that Mr. Chamizo is NOT a county employee. Until I see evidence otherwise, I stand by my original statement of TSA TSM (or similar position).