Appellate Brief – Ready!

The appellate brief for my case is completed. After dozens of hours of research and writing forty-five total pages, I strongly think we have a winner here. I couldn’t think of a better way to have spent my 4th of July!

A huge public thank you to the law firm representing Jesse Ventura, Henson & Efron, P.A, and their attorney David Olsen, for his outstanding work on the motion to dismiss in the Governor’s case. Reading their analysis of the contradictory arguments in EPIC v. DHS, including the idea behind the amazing t-chart starting on page 22, made for a vast improvement on my brief.

Brought to you all first (though I’d imagine the DoJ probably subscribes to the blog… ;))…

Corbett v. US – Appellate Brief (.pdf)


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  1. there are so many things wrong with this country today, where to start? look into restraining orders…you’ll find strangers can get one against you and get you fired by simply stating they “feel afraid”. attorneys will say the judge requires proof, but that’s not true..the judge just requires a petition.

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