Appellate Preliminary Injunction Fully Briefed

“[T]he American public does not and should not defer to anyone that demands to sexually assault them and their families”

On Friday I mailed in my reply to the gov’ts opposition to my motion for a restraining order in the 11th Circuit. This will be heard by a three-judge panel, and unless they ask us for more information or to come in for oral arguments, they’ll decide based on the paperwork they have now.

Corbett v. US – Appellate PI Opposition (.pdf)
Corbett v. US – Appellate PI Reply (.pdf)

PS – For anyone who’s interested in my previous post, I filed a Notice of Claim with the city today. In New York, the first step to suing a government entity is a Notice of Claim, which is basically sending them a bill and letting them know that if they don’t compensate you, you’ll sue. Since federal civil and constitutional rights were implicated, I could sue in federal court without waiting, but I wanted to give the city a chance to settle. I gave them a deadline of July 20th, at which point I’ll file the actual suit in US District Court in Manhattan.

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