Cuomo Barks Louder for Travel Quarantine, but Health Department Offers “Hearing” to Escape

Almost as if he was a reader of my blog post noting that N.Y. Gov. Cuomo has so far done not a damn thing to enforce his travel quarantine order, yesterday he announced that he’d station police officers at airports to force them to fill out contact tracing forms.

As I considered re-instatement of my lawsuit against the travel quarantine, voluntarily dismissed because of Cuomo’s failure to enforce, I noticed something new in the Health Department’s order: anyone who can demonstrate that they shouldn’t need to be quarantined can request a hearing.

Well, isn’t that fancy?  I, for one, am going to take him up on it, and I encourage everyone who might possibly travel to New York to do the same.  So here’s a quick sample of what a hearing request might look like*:

Quarantine Hearing Request Form

Quarantine Hearing Request (Word Version — fill out details, then print & mail)

Quarantine Hearing Request (PDF Version — print, hand-write details, & mail)





* This form is a sample document preparation.  It is not legal advice; legal advice can only be provided by a licensed attorney who has reviewed your particular circumstances.  No attorney-client relationship is created by your downloading or use of these documents.  Please do not e-mail me questions about use of this form; I would only be able to respond if and when I agree to be retained to assist with your case.

4 thoughts on “Cuomo Barks Louder for Travel Quarantine, but Health Department Offers “Hearing” to Escape

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    1. I wonder if they have a picture Jon so he gets special treatment when he shows up? I’m sure they know what they are doing is not only wrong but a waste of time as well. This is like closing the door of the chicken coop when all the hungry foxes have gotten in the coop already.

      I bet it will be 4 weeks, just to punish anyone who dares question their authority. 😉

  1. Great Blog! I stumbled upon your work while searching for info about yet another of King Cuomo’s ridiculous EO’s. Just a couple thoughts:
    1)How can the state prove objectivity, while arbitrarily enforcing this order on air travelers and simultaneously ignoring all other modes of transportation?
    2) New York has a mask mandate – they say to prevent asymptomatic/pre-symptomatic transmission. Do masks work, or don’t they? If they do, then quarantine is superfluous infringement on personal liberty.
    Thanks for bringing the fight.

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