Music Festival Attendees Reach Settlement with Third-Party Security Company Over Alleged Strip Search

In the beginning of September I was deluged with messages alerting me to a problematic security search at a well-attended New York City music festival:

I had to do a strip search...

Sexually Harassed and Humiliated by Festival Security

After speaking with several individuals who encountered abusive security, as well as one employee from the contracted third-party security company who came forward, attendees alleged security dogs picked people out of the security line to receive an invasive search in a tent the security company had set up just for that purpose.  Inside the tent, some attendees claimed they were ordered by security to take off their clothes, or had their clothing pulled away from their body so that security could look down their shirt or pants at their genitals and breasts.  Others alleged security simply reached their hands inside of their undergarments and directly touched their intimate areas.

Unfortunately, it was explained to me by the security guard who came forward to me that festival security company CSS Security was short-handed and brought in out-of-state security guards to fill the gaps.  It does not appear that those guards were properly licensed, and at least some of them would have been ineligible to be licensed because of criminal history.

I represented three individuals who claimed to have been subject to searches like these, and can say that a full and final settlement was reached on the matter with CSS Security to resolve all of my clients’ claims on the matter.

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  1. As outrageous as this obviously is, I wish I could say I’m surprised. But I’m not.

    Americans gave up their rights long ago when they agreed to allow the TSA to abuse them at airports. So of course it was only a matter of time before this abuse spread elsewhere (and this isn’t the first occasion of its spread — Coachella and sports events come to mind).

    But then I’ve only been saying this for, oh, ten years. As have you, Jon. Still, most of America just gives a collective shrug. They’re fine with the abuse — as long as it happens to someone else. When it happens to them, suddenly they care.

  2. Funny, I had the same thing happen to me several years ago…

    I was walking into EDC with two friends. We showed up later in the afternoon, and there was absolutely nobody in the security line at this point. I stopped short of the first security check to finish the mixed drink I had in a water bottle, t which time I was approached by a security guard with a dog that sat next to me and looked at the guard. He said this indicated that I had drugs, and escorted me to a tent where 3 guards furiously searched my small string bag, hat, shorts, shirt, shoes, socks, etc. At one point one of them put on some gloves and stuck his hand down the front of my pants, rearranging my balls searching for something that wasn’t there.

    Ultimately, they confiscated half of the chicken cutlet sandwich I had eaten for lunch on the LIRR. In all honesty, I had completely forgotten it was in my bag. I laughed, asking if they were going to eat the completely untouched half sandwich, telling of how yummy it was. When they scorned “no”, I replied that they should at least feed it to the dog because he was clearly very hungry. They angrily tossed it in the trash and dismissed me.

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