Trump Bans CNN Reporter from White House after Firing Attorney General – Nationwide Protests Today


This blog is really, really not a political blog.  I’m a civil rights advocate, not a partisan.

However, the President today took two steps that cross a line from “politics I may not like” into “authoritarian behavior we should not tolerate.”

First, Trump demanded, and obtained, the “resignation” of U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions.  A.G. Sessions was a regressive who struggled to concede that heroin was more dangerous than marijuana, and no one on either side of the aisle would be sad to see him go but for the obvious reason for the firing: Sessions had recused himself from the Mueller investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election instead of shutting down the investigation as Trump wanted.  This crosses the line because a president must not interfere with law enforcement investigations, especially when his own staffers are the subject of those investigations (several of which have already plead, or been found, guilty of felonies).  I couldn’t care less if you think the Mueller investigation is a “witch hunt:” allowing an official to stop investigations into his own people is flatly fascist regardless of whether the investigation turns out to show no misconduct.  If Mr. Trump has nothing to hide, then there is no reason to obstruct this investigation.

Second, this evening Trump revoked the clearance of CNN’s White House Correspondent, Jim Acosta, resulting in the veteran reporter being unable to step foot on White House property.  The justification given by the Trump administration is that he “assaulted” a woman during a press conference.  Take 20 seconds to watch this alleged assault:

A White House intern attempted to take a microphone from Acosta, reaching over and grabbing at him, and Acosta’s arm grazed hers in the process.  It is clear that Acosta committed no “assault,” but rather that Trump was upset at Acosta’s line of questioning and thus ordered him removed.  The only assault here was Trump’s upon the press and upon the First Amendment, and for this, and for blatantly lying to the American public about what happened, Trump has also crossed a line.

Today, protests will occur across the country focused on Trump’s attempt to obstruct the Mueller investigation.  You may find your local event here.  Whether you vote Red, Blue, or are colorblind, ask yourself if the above is ok, and if not, step outside and let the White House know.

16 thoughts on “Trump Bans CNN Reporter from White House after Firing Attorney General – Nationwide Protests Today

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  1. I disagree with your assessment that, “It’s clear that Acosta committed no “assault”…”

    It appeared more like an assault and a battery, let’s throw in a trespass to chattel as well for good sake.

    First the microphone is the property of the White House. Acosta had been given permission of the microphone for a limited time of possession; therefore, at that very moment when Acosta’s permission for possession of the microphone was revoked, the White House staffer rightfully proceeded to physically regain possession of the microphone from Acosta.

    Furthermore, when Acosta refused to turn over the microphone to the staffer, Acosta was committing a traspass to chattel of the microphone.

    In addition, Acosta began moving his body very aggressively and the tone of his voice was very forceful.

    Acosta actions undoubtly created a level of apprehension in the room and with the staffer.

    To make the situation far worse, Acosta chopped down on the staffers forearm as the staffer was attempting regain possession of the microphone.

    While Acosta may not have chopped down with his full force, he did achieve enough force to create further apprehension in the staffer’s mind which resulted in her backing down.

    Not sure if Sessions leaving was done with the purpose of effecting the investigation of how Russia caused the Democrats to loss the 2016 election.

    As far as I know, any staffers convicted by Mueller had nothing to do with the Russia causing the Democrats to lose the 2016 election.

  2. I might understand the feelings about Acosta being finally kicked out a little more if there had been an journalistic outcry about Obama indicting and jailing those nine reporters for not revealing sources. More than all presidents before him *combined.* There seems to be some perspective lost here.

  3. Seems fairly benign to me. He can still go about his day and work and live freely, just not at the WH. But we can agree to disagree.

  4. Obama jails nine journalists and spies on at least two of them, and there’s barely a whisper.

    Trump kicks one journalist out of the WH, and now the free press is in danger? Where was all the concern five years ago?

    1. I think the word “journalist” may not be the right one. There are quite a few that only claim to be a journalist but really are not.


    However, SPJ cautions journalists to avoid making themselves part of the stories they are reporting. 

    When did Jim ask a question?
    His manor and style of making accusations and statements instead of questions is Bullish and Very Unprofessional. He then writes about his experience making himself the victim.
    This is Not good for reporting WH and National Affairs.
    I want the story, not the gossip !

    Thank you for your work and support of our rights.

  6. James A:
    Potus does not need me for his personal happy time. His wife is much better looking, willing, proficient and Experienced at that sort of happy time than I could ever have nightmares over.
    Try taking your thumb out of Acosta’s butt, suck on it and listen. His job is to Report the Story, NOT DEBATE POTUS OR BE THE STORY by checking his ego at the door.
    I am US Navy Retired, and you have insulted my wife, James A ! My Navy skin is too tough for you to cut a tree.

    1. “Try taking your thumb out of Acosta’s butt, suck on it and listen. His job is to Report the Story, NOT DEBATE POTUS OR BE THE STORY by checking his ego at the door.”
      Again, go back to sucking Donald Trump’s dick.

  7. Really, at what point can the behavior of an individual journalist be deemed irresponsible, disrespectful and contrary to the duties of other reporters and the entire White House press core? Acosta used his time to interrupt other reporters, attack and insult the President to his face and turn to political grandstanding over reporting the facts. He’s clearly, blatantly rude during the filmed encounter and refuses to even give up the mic to allow other people to ask questions.

    It’s a pity that the Trump administration thought they could pull a fast one on the Left by stooping to their level and using their own tactics (calling sexism and decrying “attacking women” at the least convincing opportunities) against them. Doing so allowed the media to deflect towards supposed “doctoring” of the video and avoid a conversation over what their jobs are really supposed to be.

    1. Now go back to sucking Donald Trump’s dick. And no, I don’t support Hillary, either.
      And no, I’m neither liberal nor conservative, you jackass.

  8. James A, you seem to clearly have Anger Issues.
    My I suggest that a Proctologist can help you with the removal of your head from your other orifice.
    To be clear, carrying such hate inside can truly be harmful.

    1. “My I suggest that a Proctologist can help you with the removal of your head from your other orifice.”
      I refuse to believe that you don’t support Trump. And YOU are full of hate, too. Do you want me to say that again?

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