Three Down, One to Go: Final Year of Law School at NWCU

NWCU Enrollment Documents
My final course enrollment documents, for NWCU’s 4L program.

I announced that I was entering Northwestern California University‘s law program on November 16th, 2014, which was also the four-year anniversary of my first civil rights litigation.  Now three years later, I’ve taken my 3L final exams and I’m still on track to graduate in November 2018, attempting the California Bar Exam in February 2019.

I feel like my previous review of the school + study tips still accurately reflect my thoughts on the program.  tl;dr: all the tools to study the law are there, but there’s no one holding your hand to use them.  Proceed only if you have a passion for studying the law, because otherwise you won’t be able to stay with the 2+ hours per day, every day, for 4 years.

My school year having concluded, especially on a Friday, it’s time for a few beers…

12 thoughts on “Three Down, One to Go: Final Year of Law School at NWCU

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  1. Hi Jonathon,
    Any specific reason you wouldn’t mind sharing of why you chose NWCU vs other online schools like ALU?

  2. what to make your mane even bigger name for your self take on tsa in regards to the twic card maybe there’s a lost wage claim that could be made I am a proud member of the ilwu my union got some fight in them an so do I so how much money does it to take to reinstate my right to due proses

  3. Jonathan,

    It seems you have a long distance and made substantial progress, I am eager to learn that you have passed the California Bar when you do in the near future.

    Good luck and best wishes to you!

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