Terrorist Attacks Police Officer in Michigan Airport — What Could Have Prevented This?

Yesterday, it was reported that a Canadian national entered a Detroit-area airport, found a police officer, yelled “Allahu Ackbar!” and then repeatedly stabbed the police officer in the neck.

In the meantime, our government has focused on:

  1. A “TRAVEL BAN” (emphasis Trump’s).  But a ban on temporary visas for citizens of a half dozen Middle Eastern countries would not have excluded this Canadian Muslim terrorist (or any other terrorist, according to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security).
  2. A “laptop ban,” because older x-ray equipment can make it difficult to distinguish a laptop battery from a block of C-4.  The better solution being an upgrade of older x-ray equipment notwithstanding, every recent airport attack has either detonated a bomb before the security checkpoint or used an alternative weapon — like a knife.
  3. A more thorough molestation when going through TSA checkpoints.   Because despite all the other holes in TSA security, grabbing everyone’s genitals makes us feel safer, right?
  4. Surveillance — which, apparently, doesn’t work.

Here’s what our government has not focused on:

  1. Getting the hell out of the Middle East.  Instead, we’re still selling arms to Saudi Arabia and now bombing more civilians than ever.
  2. Fixing mental health in this country.  Scratch that, fixing health in this country.

There seems to be a simple solution: spend less on war, ineffective TSA security, and creating a police state, and spend more on healthcare.

So why aren’t we doing this?  Why don’t we, the people, the voters, insist on this?

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  1. You have had a lot of good things to say in the years I’ve been paying attention but you really blew it here.

    1) Getting out of the Middle East:

    In other words, handing it over to the Jihadists and they’re not going to stop just because we aren’t there anymore. We will get a time of peace while they conquer the Muslim lands and then they’ll turn outward–and we do have to fight them it will be a nuclear battlefield. (Pakistan will no doubt fall.)

    The US has a reputation as a paper tiger and this is exactly why–take a few licks and we turn tail and run. That causes every two-bit scumbag to figure they can drive us away.

    2) Fixing mental health in this country:

    And that’s going to do squat about a Canadian!

    1. 1) What does that have to do with arming Saudi Arabia?

      2) Click the link to “mental health” in my post. The last guy to try airport terrorism was a U.S. citizen who went crazy and we ignored all the warning signs. It stands to reason that this guy may have been a bit crazy too, and it doesn’t say how long he was in the U.S.

      1. 1) The point is that getting out of the Middle East isn’t a solution, just a case of kicking the can down the road–except it’s kicking it into a far worse situation.

        2) You’re thinking of the previous nutter, not the latest one. He was Canadian, came here and went stabby.

  2. TSA Wants To Know What You’re Reading:

    The TSA is testing new requirements that passengers remove books and other paper goods from their carry-on baggage when going through airline security. Given the sensitivity of our reading choices, this raises privacy concerns.

    Tests of the policy are underway in some small airports around the country, and DHS Secretary John Kelly recently said that “we might, and likely will” apply the policy nationwide. “What we’re doing now is working out the tactics, techniques, and procedures, if you will, in a few airports, to find out exactly how to do that with the least amount of inconvenience to the traveler,” he told Fox News. The policy may also apply to food items.

    There’s no good reason for the government to know what you’re reading. In fact, as the ACLU points out in this post, there are protections in place to prevent the government from obtaining that information.

  3. Sea-Tac Airport testing robot program to help passengers get through security faster:

    Who Needs the TSA, Robotic Groping Coming to an Airport Need You?

    On Tuesday, Sea-Tac officials announced the pilot program, running in conjunction with the American Association of Airport Executives Innovation Forum.

    During the test week, the robot provides tips for getting through security – through audible instructions in English. The robot can also be programmed to speak six different languages and adjust, based on the language being spoken by approaching travelers

    On Tuesday, KIRO 7 heard the robot say: “Hello, my name is Tracy. Please follow my instructions so the line moves quickly, and you don’t set off the body scan alarms.”

    The robot reminds passengers to take-off their shoes, jackets, empty their pockets, remove their belts and to prepare for a body scan before going through screening.

    1. 2015: Undercover DHS Tests Find Security Failures at US Airports:

      An internal investigation of the Transportation Security Administration revealed security failures at dozens of the nation’s busiest airports, where undercover investigators were able to smuggle mock explosives or banned weapons through checkpoints in 95 percent of trials, ABC News has learned.

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