California Bar Posts My Essay as Example of How to Write Exam Answer

fylsx_q2I was pretty excited to be tipped off by one of my law school professors that the California Bar’s “Selected Answers” for the last administration of the First Year Law Students’ Exam were posted and that one of them looked familiar.

Each sitting of the exam, every student writes 4 essays, and out of the thousands written they picked mine for “Selected Answer A” to Question 2 of the October 2016 exam.

Pretty cool considering I’m presently suing the bar over the way they arbitrarily weight the essay sections and multiple-choice sections of the exam differently, despite promising that they don’t, and then refused to provide documents when confronted with a public records request (original post, new amended complaint).  It’s also amazing how 85 out of 100 was apparently the best score on this exam question, further highlighting the absurdity of their grading.  Hopefully I’ll be able to bring some transparency to their grading process so that law students can get an accurate idea of what to study and how their knowledge will be measured.

Nonetheless, I’m glad they like my writing! 🙂

7 thoughts on “California Bar Posts My Essay as Example of How to Write Exam Answer

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  1. “Nonetheless, I’m glad they like my writing!”

    But do they? Or is this an attempt to defuse your lawsuit? It’s a conundrum because if, as you argue in your complaint, they arbitrarily change the scoring system for answers, can you trust them to not do other capricious things? Like try to manipulate you into dropping a lawsuit?

    I bring this up as a genuine possibility.

    1. Just curious were the MBE scores as high as the last time? a 94% on the last exam I cannot imagine why anyone would not have passed that exam with that high of a MBE score… so many peeps I know never had that high of a score and still passed with average essays… seems so odd to me…. I love this site keep it going…;]

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