Jon Corbett’s Endorsement for President

As a younger guy who lives in urban settings, I’m surrounded by individuals who almost uniformly detest Donald Trump, and there is a lot of social pressure to vote for Hillary Clinton in my world.  However, I won’t be voting for Hillary Clinton.  Nor will I be voting for Donald Trump.  For the first time in my life, I’ll be voting for a third-party candidate, Gary Johnson, and I’d like to explain.

First, I agree with those around me that Donald Trump would make a horrible president.  I don’t care about the crude remarks so much as I care that I can’t make out most of his policy, and the parts that I can make out, I dislike more often than not.  In particular, I feel that his immigration policy cannot possibly work, that his foreign policy will get us into more conflicts than out, and that his “tough on crime” viewpoint is not the reform this country needs at a time when it has more prisoners than China despite a quarter of the population.  Beyond his views, I don’t think he has the political experience, the temperament, or the vision to “make America great again.”  I do appreciate that he is a Washington outsider and is willing to speak his mind rather than limit himself to speaking like a politician, but this is insufficient.

So why not vote for the only person who has a chance against him?  On the issues, Hillary and I agree a bit more than Trump, although I am concerned about her perspectives on civil liberties (and not just the second amendment) and on keeping the government lean and efficient.  But, I find Hillary to be dishonest.  It’s more than just her atrocious handling of the e-mail scandal — she just seems like a massive phony whenever she speaks.  Maybe she’s just a bad speaker, but that’s an important part of being president.  I also think her campaign was dishonest in how it played against Bernie Sanders.  I think the DNC is dishonest and does not deserve to be rewarded for its manipulation of the primaries.  I’m tired of the dishonesty, and candidates who can’t keep it real won’t get my vote.  I won’t feel that I am responsible for voting for her for “lesser of two evils” purposes, because this simply lets the DNC (and RNC too) know it can do whatever it wants and we’ll choose whatever it puts out there.     If Trump makes it into office, it is the DNC to blame, not the swing voters who couldn’t stomach Hillary.

The candidate who gets my vote instead is experienced — he’s been the governor of New Mexico for 8 years, and in the political world for over 2 decades — yet he doesn’t sound like a Washington politician.  He commitment to civil liberties is unyielding, and relevant to this blog, he is on the right side of every issue I personally fight for, from abolishing the TSA to securing reasonable gun rights.  He recognizes that the war on drugs has failed, that our national debt is a problem that needs to be fixed now, and that we should get the hell out of the Middle East.

In short, he’s what we need, and even if he has virtually zero chance of getting elected this round, I would rather vote for that than for the “lesser of two evils.”  We’ve done that for too many years now, haven’t we?  It seems to just lead to greater and greater evils.  Let’s stop that now and vote for someone who would actually represent us.  For the purpose of sending a message to the parties, as well as to support someone who I actually would like to see as president, I endorse Gary Johnson for President in 2016.

Check out these three candidates side-by-side on the issues, and don’t forget to vote!  Most states now have early voting, so it’s easier than ever to make it happen.

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  1. Two thoughts here 1) Johnson has NO chance of winning – so a vote for him is in fact a support for Trump – if you really believe Trump is as bad for the country as you say – then voting for Johnson (who cannot win) is irresponsible. 2) Have you read all of Johnson’s policy’s? He want’s to end corporate taxes, he wants to remove the Department of Education, he doesn’t want the government involved in combating climate change, he’s not a fan of vaccines, wants to provide NO foreign aid, favors unlimited campaign contributions from corporations, he wants more guns and believes that more guns reduces crime……and on and on. His overall policy plan is as bad if not worse than Trump…

    You seem to think that a vote for Johnson is somehow sending a message to the parties – but that’s pretty naive…….

    This is a critical election for our country – the wrong time to be making a totally ineffective stand.

    1. I respect your decision to vote the way you want, but I reject that a vote for Johnson is a vote for Trump. A vote for Johnson is a vote for Johnson, no more, no less. I also reject that doing so is naive, ineffective, or in any way wasteful. On the contrary, I believe that voting for Hillary would be ineffective at having the lesser of two evils run the country because I believe it will lead to greater evils in the next election. A, perhaps, short-term gain, at the expense of continuing to have shitty candidates each and every election.

      1. Fair enough – but one more thing – given the realities of our two party system – you do understand that there is NO way Johnson will win – right? So if that is true – then either Trump or Clinton will win. NOT voting for one – IS support for the other – as there is no other statistical possibly of a different outcome. You may think you are taking the high road to ensure less ‘shitty’ options in the future – but you aren’t. You are only making things worse now!

        Thank for the conversation – love your blog…

        1. How do you propose that we, for example, restrain the DNC from manipulating primaries and presenting us with candidates that we don’t want, other than by refusing to vote for what they try to force upon us? If you want to say that a vote for Johnson is a vote for Trump, fine, then a vote for Hillary is a vote for continued primary manipulation and the perpetuation of bad candidates.

          1. Hey – no argument there. I believe the system is TOTALLY broken and needs significant reform. I’m totally with you there. But the reality is that the choice we have right now (Trump or Clinton) is terribly important for decades to come. The supreme court, climate change – these are HUGE issues that cannot wait 4-8 years (or longer) for reform. If Trump is elected President what will happen to the supreme court?

            I’ll concede your point that choosing Trump or Clinton is choosing the lesser of two evils – but since we WILL end up with ONE of them – the ethical option is to pick the one you feel would be that ‘lesser of two evils’. And following your blog – I don’t believe you think that is Trump.

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