In 5 years of suing the TSA, I’ve personally encountered an enormous quantity of roadblocks, and I’ve read countless cases that others have put forth that have been similarly shut down without ever reaching the real merits of the case.  Although I’m busily preparing for law school finals at the moment, I’m also slowly making progress on drafting legislation to allow people who are abused by the TSA to successfully litigate by removing those roadblocks.  Some of these changes include:

  • Modifying standards for immunity (sovereign, qualified, etc.)
  • Making sure litigants are entitled to discovery
  • Filling gaps in the Freedom of Information Act and Privacy Act that allow the TSA to evade transparency requirements
  • Ensuring that the TSA cannot hide behind claims of secrecy without review of the courts
  • Holding the TSA accountable for the rampant baggage theft that occurs daily

If you have any ideas that you’d like to suggest, whether on what should be in the bill, how to best present the bill to Congress, or even just a clever name for the bill, please get in touch. 🙂  Remember, this bill is about fixing procedural problems, not disbanding the TSA, removing the body scanners, etc.