Supreme Court Denies Review of Nude Body Scanner Lawsuit

With your support, I fought the good fight for over 4.5 years.  Today, the U.S. Supreme Court refused to hear my petition for review. This brings my court battle to an end.

We’re not without small victories. In 2012, Congress banned body scanners that require visual inspection by a human TSA screener. This also had the side effect of removing all the scanners that used x-rays, thought to be far more dangerous than the millimeter wave scanners. During this time the TSA’s press has gone from bad to abysmal, with the latest news being that 95% of the time the TSA tests its own screeners’ ability to detect contraband, the screeners fail. And without a doubt, the pressure we’ve put on the TSA has held them back from whatever their next intrusive and expensive new toy would have been.

While the courts have covered their ears, we have 2 other branches of government that can make this better. The next step on my end shall be to make noise towards our legislators. I’ll be working with the right people to make that happen, and it’s my hope to help draft legislation to make the situation better. I’ll also be continuing my lawsuit against the TSA’s international security interview program. Perhaps one more victory to add to the list is that the TSA has turned me into a life-long civil rights advocate, as I finish my first year of law school later this year.

Thank you, again, for all your support. I would have stopped long ago without your constant reminders of how important this is to you all. 🙂

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20 thoughts on “Supreme Court Denies Review of Nude Body Scanner Lawsuit

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  1. Thank you for speaking on my behalf! If only the mainstream media would shout about the TSA. And if only our government representatives would defend our 4th Amendment rights as staunchly as our 2nd Amendment rights.

    Keep fighting. Congratulations on completing your first year of law school.

  2. U.S. Department of Justice has nothing to do with justice. Sad 😦
    The only way this can be stopped is if mainstream media makes noise about this and/or congressmen and high power people would start going through TSA lines on their way to their private jets.

  3. That is sad news indeed, but I have to say you are a juggernaut of awesome for continuing this fight for as long as you have. My sincere thanks and appreciation to you for doing this hard work on all of our behalf. People like you make the world a much better place.

  4. Case Over No-Fly List Ordeal Advanced in NJ:

    A JetBlue contractor must face claims from a Muslim family kicked off a plane because their baby’s name was supposedly on a no-fly list, a federal judge ruled.

    Ramsey Abdallah and Ghadeer Abbasi say the nightmare began when they checked in at the Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood Airport with their baby, Riyanna, on May 10, 2012, for a JetBlue flight to Newark Liberty International.

    The New Jersey residents had already boarded the plane when JetBlue employees allegedly removed an unrelated Muslim couple with a young child from the flight.

    A JetBlue supervisor then told the Abdallah and Abbasi – in a voice audible to other passengers – that they “needed to leave” the plane because officials with the Transportation Security Administration wanted to speak with them, according to the complaint.

    The agent allegedly said Riyanna, then 18 months old, was on the TSA’s no-fly list.

    Though JetBlue claimed to be following standard procedure prompted by the TSA, Abdallah and Abbasi say the supervisor’s lack of professionalism led passengers to make comments about and to Abdallah and his family.

    Broward County Sheriffs met the family outside the gate “in full visibility of other airline passengers, some of whom began to photograph the plaintiffs,” the complaint states.


  5. SHOCKER: Reason.Com Editor- How The Feds Asked Me To Rat Out Commenters

    Far more important: talk about realizing that open expression and press freedom are far more tenuous than even the most cynical of us can imagine! Even when you have done nothing wrong and aren’t the target of an investigation, you can be commanded, at serious financial cost and disruption of your business, to dance to a tune called by the long arm of the law.

  6. TSA Wants to Tweet with Travelers:


  7. Thanks so much for all you have done! I am pretty sure the supreme court wouldn’t have done anything to help anyways; ever since they ruled that it was O.K. for the police to strip search people arrested for parking tickets and walking their dogs without a leash it has become clear that they can’t comprehend even basic ideas about right and wrong much less our constitution or our laws.

  8. Soon The TSA And Police Will Be Using Microwaves To Spot Weapons On Everyone!

    A McMaster engineer is part of an upcoming project that will use portable radar technology to help military, police and security personnel detect concealed weapons out in the field.

    Natalia Nikolova, an electrical and computer engineering professor, is part of a team of researchers in Canada and the Ukraine funded by NATO that will be exploring ways to equip soldiers and law enforcement with gear that could detect concealed threats, such as guns and explosive devices, used by terrorists and security threats.

    The three-year project, which launched July 1, will study how microwave radar signals sent from either rigged vests or tripods could detect trouble as far as 15 metres away and send early warning signals of pending danger. These devices could be used anywhere from borders to airports to crowded public events to bars and hotels.

    “I believe from an engineering and science point of view that this is doable,” says Nikolova, who will be working with research engineer Justin McCombe and Ph.D. student Denys Shumakov on the project along with colleagues from the National Technical University of Ukraine (Kyiv Polytechnic Institute).

  9. Soon The TSA And Police Will Be Using Terahertz Radiation To Spot Weapons On Everyone!

    A new type of sensor, that is much faster than competing technologies used to detect and identify hidden objects, has been developed by scientists at the University of Warwick.

    Called ‘Q-Eye’, the invention senses radiation across the spectrum between microwaves and infra-red, known as the Terahertz (THz) region of the spectrum – a goal that has challenged scientists for over 30 years. It works by detecting the rise in temperature produced when electromagnetic radiation emitted by an object is absorbed by the Q-Eye sensor, even down to the level of very small packets of quantum energy (a single photon).

    The device could help address the weaknesses reported earlier this month in America’s airport security, where mock weapons and explosives were smuggled through airports, undetected in 95% of cases. It may also prove useful in discovering concealed goods in the retail industry or for non-destructive monitoring, for example quality control in drugs or food. Other applications include astronomical and climate science observations and medical diagnosis.

  10. TSA screeners allowed to grope attractive men in Denver!
    No charges will be filed against two Denver airport security screeners who were fired in April for allegedly conspiring to fondle attractive male passengers, prosecutors said.

    The Transportation Security Administration screeners, a man and a woman, were dismissed after a six-month investigation by the TSA, which notified Denver police in March. But the Denver district attorney’s office said Monday that prosecutors were unable to corroborate the claims or to prove that one of the screeners was actually working at Denver International Airport on the dates of alleged incidents.

    When news of their termination broke, other passengers, men and women, came forward to say they too had been inappropriately touched at the checkpoint, according to Kimbrough.

    Prosecutors ruled out some of the reports because they happened after the two workers were fired!

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