Two Years Later: Scanners Still Broken

Two years ago marks the publication of my infamous video devastating the TSA’s arguments that the nude body scanners keep us safer. I demonstrated, on camera, one of many flaws in the technology that allowed me to take anything through the checkpoint undetected.

That flaw still exists today. So why are we still using these expensive, invasive scanners if any terrorist with half a brain could beat them? That’s a good question. Is it the questionable ties between the manufacturers and the government? Is it that the TSA likes shiny new toys and maxing out their budget? Is it that the government wants us to become accustomed to submitting to electronic body searches? Is it that the TSA is simply too embarrassed to admit that they wasted over a billion dollars?

There really is no good explanation as to why the TSA continues to use this technology. After having read through ten thousand pages of their documents and third party documents, it seems to simply be stubbornness absent a good reason at this point.

7 thoughts on “Two Years Later: Scanners Still Broken

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  1. I am sure nobody at the TSA knows. But the Justice Department does. That’s why they try so hard to stop people from talking about it.

      1. Yep. The reason why people do it is that it takes significantly more time for the TSA (if everyone did it, the checkpoints would grind to a halt). Also, the scanners have frequent false-positives, which means you may get a pat-down anyway.

  2. TSA not acknowledging the defects of the Whole Body Strip Search Machines goes back to a cardinal rule for any government employee. CYA.! Admit nothing and deflect when questioned.

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