The Day We Fight Back

The Day We Fight Back

Today is “The Day We Fight Back” against NSA mass spying — a day sponsored by a broad coalition including EFF, Demand Progress, ACLU, Reddit, Mozilla, Amnesty International and at least a dozen others. The goal: to flood the offices of Congress with e-mails and phone calls for a day with our demands: that our privacy, as guaranteed by the Fourth Amendment, be respected once again. To participate, click the banner above. It takes about 2 minutes.

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  1. We keep fighting on sooo many issues and I see us making very little progress but I’ll keep on and hope we make some headway.

  2. If we don’t continue to assert our rights, they will be gone. The government (like a child) tests us constantly hoping we will give in. But like with a child, when we say NO we mean NO. No matter how many times we are tested. Being a patriot isn’t easy or simple. Nothing important comes without effort, usually a consistent effort over time. Stay with it friends.

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