Perhaps the most insidious component of the TSA’s enhanced pat-down procedure rolled out in October 2010 was the part where TSA screeners were required to “meet resistance” between your legs. That is, they would cup your ankle with their hands and move their hands upward until “something” stopped them. That “something” being your genitals, of course.

The last few pat-downs I’ve had, however, have taken a different approach: instead of starting at the bottom and moving up, they’ve started at the top (front or back of thigh) and moved down. This makes it significantly less likely for them to bump into “sensitive areas,” whether by accident or as part of the procedure.

I tried asking two of the screeners if things had changed (they’re not supposed to say — that’s a secret, you know! — but I figured I’d ask anyway). One of them replied that some screeners do it differently, and that was just how he did it, and the other said it’s been that way for years. So, I’m curious: those of you who have had pat-downs within the last 6 months, did they start from the top or botttom of your legs?