Three CandlesMy fight against TSA assholery began 3 years ago with a tiny 5 page complaint filed in a U.S. District Court in Florida, which has now grown into over 1,000 pages of legal filings, 3 trips to the Court of Appeals, one trip to the U.S. Supreme Court, and, of course, embarrassing the TSA in front of the world by showing, on camera, that their nude body scanners don’t work. I’ve been kicked out of three airports, equated with a terrorist by the DoJ, and gagged by the courts. I’ve presented my findings to Congress and to the TSA itself at its Arlington headquarters and testified in front of the legislature of the State of Texas. My work has been at the top of virtually every social sharing site and featured on Drudge Report. And that’s just the TSA — I’ve had even more fun with NYPD stop-and frisk and the NSA scandal.

We’ve seen several small steps towards success. The worst types of nude body scanners (both for the health and privacy conscious) have been removed from airports. The TSA no longer threatens $11,000 fines for those who refuse groping, nor sics the cops on them (mostly). Pat-downs have been modified for seniors and children. Airports across Europe are tossing their scanners aside. The TSA was forced to accept public comment on the nude body scanners. And, most importantly, pretty much everyone is now clued in that the TSA is an utter waste.

I’ve never worked so hard at anything in my life, and it’s because of your support — your encouraging comments, your stories by e-mail, and your generous donations — that I’ve been able to keep going. Thank you again for being here with me, and I look forward to seeing another year of rolling back the TSA.

[Edit — Also, happy 200th post, apparently!]

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