It seems that once they get out of office, some politicians have a change of heart. No longer surrounded by the pressures of running the show, they can make better judgments. Take, for example, former TSA Administrator Kip Hawley, who writes the following:

TSA needs to make these changes right now to take on the root causes of its public and security issues. It needs to clean up the mind numbing, overly complicated checkpoint “standard operating procedure,” which no longer matches our security needs and allow officers to act. What needs to be changed:

• The intrusive pat-down needs to be discontinued in favor of a lighter technique supplemented with available technologies.

• The “prohibited items” list needs to be radically reduced to ban only real security threats such as explosives and toxins. As far as carrying knives, the FAA should make it a serious federal offense to intimidate a member of the flight crew or another passenger with a blade — and then TSA can remove blades from the prohibited list. Blades represent virtually no threat to the aircraft at this point. And the baggie rule should be dropped. Current technology allows threat liquids to be detected when they are taken out of the carry-on and scanned in a bin.

Well, isn’t that something. Mr. Hawley, if you’d like change, I invite you to assist with my lawsuit against the scanners and the groping by filing an affidavit stating that in your professional opinion, the pat-downs are intrusive and unnecessary. Your work as TSA administrator set the stage for the assholery we see now, and here is a real chance to fix it.